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Your Turn: A brief history of Sony and the PlayStation

Screen Play reader Andrew Yoshimura We're having a double-dose of user-submitted articles today, starting with the latest in Andrew Yoshimura's series profiling the major players in video game history.

Skylanders Swap Force: How to get the most fun for your money

Skylanders swap force

James Dominguez After last week's popular Disney Infinity buying guide, this week we're following up with a guide to Skylanders Swap Force.

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Tuesday Newsday: PAX Australia 2014 announced, and new study reveals the average gamer


James Dominguez Bond University has released their latest survey of Australian gamers, and PAX Australia is returning to Melbourne in 2012, with a new date and a new venue.

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FIFA 14: Familiar yet fresh


Jason Hill FIFA has always been one of the most accessible sports games available, but these days it's also surprisingly deep.

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Screenshot jigsaw puzzle #54

question block

James Dominguez It's Friday. You know the drill.

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Friday Question: What do you want from Screen Play?

plants vs zombies newspaper

James Dominguez Screen Play may be undergoing some changes in the coming months, and we want your feedback.

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Is on-screen video content the future of gaming?


James Dominguez Microsoft has announced a partnership with Machinima on the Xbox One, promising smart video content for gamers.

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Your Turn: The hidden costs of free-to-play game addiction

league of legends

An anonymous Screen Play reader We have a very special Your Turn article today, from a Screen Play reader who spent a fortune on the "free to play" game League of Legends.

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Tuesday Newsday: THQ sues EA, and gamers sign up for Movember again

dragon quest viii

James Dominguez Did you think you'd heard the last of THQ? Well, they're back, and they're suing EA over the UFC licence. This and more in today's news round-up.

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Disney Infinity: How to get the most fun for your money

disney infinity

James Dominguez Disney's new toy-and-game combo is sure to be high on many kids' Christmas list, but its pricey components make smart shopping essential.

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Giant Boulder of Death: Rock on

Giant Boulder of Death

Jason Hill It's silly and slight, but this free game will keep you giggling.

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Screenshot jigsaw puzzle #53

question block

James Dominguez It's jigsaw time again. Do you recognise the game in the image?

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Friday Question: Ruminating about violence


James Dominguez With so many popular games being extremely violent, I wonder why we rarely stop and think about why violence seems so integral to gaming.

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Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag interview

assassin's creed iv black flag

James Dominguez Assassin's Creed IV is only weeks away, and DexX had the chance to speak to the game's director, Ashraf Ismail, about how the final touches are coming together.

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Does the Wii U have a future?

mario kart 8 wii u

James Dominguez Stubbornly low sales figures and the impending release of two powerful competitors suggest that Nintendo's Wii U may be in serious trouble.

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Card Hunter: The free way to deal with your enemies

card hunter dragon

James Dominguez Part trading card game, part table-top RPG, and part tactical wargame, Card Hunter is an amazing achievement in free-to-play gaming.

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Tuesday Newsday: Half-Life 3 possibly revealed and Watch Dogs PC specs

half-life 3 g-man

James Dominguez Has Valve inadvertently revealed that Half-Life 3 is finally coming soon? For this and other news from the past week, read on.

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Puppeteer: Strings attached


Jason Hill Set in a magical puppeteer's theatre, Sony's latest quirky platformer Puppeteer is gorgeously presented.

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Screenshot jigsaw puzzle #52

question block

James Dominguez It's Friday again, and once again we have a nifty prize for the first person to identify the game in the jigsaw puzzle.

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Friday Question: Do you ever get obsessive?

gtaiv gta4 grand theft auto iv pigeon

James Dominguez Some games give us so much to do that completing every task is a huge time-sink. How important is it to you to 100% complete a game?

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