Video games have evolved from a simple pastime into a cultural phenomenon. Join games blogger James Dominguez and the passionate Screen Play community as they discuss this phenomenon: the talented designers, the technology underlying them, and the place of games in our lives.

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Tearaway: Crafting a classic

Jason Hill January is traditionally a quiet time for new games releases. It's also a great opportunity to catch up on games you missed during the pre-Christmas avalanche.

The best video games of 2013

stanley parable

James Dominguez The community has had their say, but now it's DexX's turn to list his picks for the best games of 2013.

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Caption This! #9 - Christmas edition

post-it notes

James Dominguez We have a special picture for you to have fun with for the last caption contest of the year.

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Screen Play awards: The winners and losers

big rigs trophy you're winner

James Dominguez Over the past two weeks, Screen Play readers have invented award categories and voted for them. Here are the winners...

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Your Turn: 2013 Screen Play Christmas

holiis run dmc

Screen Play reader Steve Smoothy Every year, long-time reader Steve "Smoolander" Smoothy writes a Christmas song for us, and this year's is a classic.

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World of Tanks: A world that keeps on expanding

world of tanks

James Dominguez With phenomenally popular free-to-play game World of Tanks about to add a new line of Japanese tanks, DexX spoke to regional manager Jasper Nicholas.

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Screen Play awards: Most infuriating

super mario 3d world

James Dominguez A game that challenges you is good, but some games go too far and end up just being frustrating. Which game made you rage-quit this year?

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Screen Play awards: Most pleasant surprise

skylanders swap force

James Dominguez Despite the hype, now and then a game will come out of nowhere and blow us away. Which was the most pleasantly surprising game you played this year?

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Screen Play awards: Most addictive game

don't starve

James Dominguez Many games are very addictive, but some to a ridiculous degree. Which was the most addictive in 2013?

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Screen Play awards: The biggest disappointment


James Dominguez Sometimes games fall short of our expectations, but a few "special" titles are absolutely crushing in their failure to reach their potential.

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Tuesday Newsday: Xbox One sales, fearmongering over games and gambling, and Steam Machines appear in the wild


James Dominguez Xbox One tops two million sales, SA government launches a campaign linking games and gambling, and Valve's Steam Machines popping up in the wild. All this and more.

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Screen Play awards: Best Aussie-made game

fighting fantasy forest of doom

James Dominguez Australia doesn't have the big game studios it used to, but it still has extremely talented smaller independent teams producing amazing work.

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Screen Play awards: Older game we're still playing

elder scrolls skyrim

James Dominguez While many great games were released in 2013, there are some old favourites from previous years we still can't put down.

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Need for Speed Rivals: Speed thrills

Need for Speed - Trailer (Thumbnail)

Jason Hill Few games have a risk-reward mechanic as tense and thrilling as Need for Speed Rivals.

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Caption This! #8

post-it notes

James Dominguez Xbox One launch title Zoo Tycoon proved to be surprisingly good, but right now I want you to joke about it.

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Screen Play awards: Best "oh wow" moment from 2013

super mario 3d world

James Dominguez Every now and then a game will present us with an amazing sequence that leaves our mouths hanging open. Which was your favourite this year?

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Disney Infinity interview: Designing the infinite

wreck-it ralph vanellope

James Dominguez Disney Infinite, the game that promises to one day bring together all of Disney's properties, presented some unique design challenges.

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Hand of Fate: Brisbane indie talks crowdfunding, design, and inspiration

hand of fate

James Dominguez The Brisbane creators of Ski Safari are in the final days of the Kickstarter for their new game, Hand of Fate. Screen Play spoke to the main brain behind them.

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Screen Play awards: Worst writing

loco cycle xbox one

James Dominguez Video games are notorious for their poor writing, but which game this year was the worst?

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Screen Play awards: Best score on the Bechdel Test

remember me olga nilin

James Dominguez The Bechdel Test is a tongue-in-cheek rule of thumb for measuring female inclusion in media. Which games this year passed the test?

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