the last of us

the last of us

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While we're discussing ongoing franchises that are in need of retirement, reader JPR suggested that we also look at brand new IPs that deserve to spawn ongoing franchises of their own. Introducing...

The Beyond Good & Evil Award for the Game Most Deserving of a Franchise

Video gaming is dominated by sequels. It's a risky business, and marketing a new IP is always an uphill fight, so when a new game finds a sizeable audience, it's natural that publishers will want to capitalise on that and get out a sequel. As such, new properties are relatively rare, and when a good one comes along it's cause to celebrate.

One of the best new IPs this year, and indeed one of the best overall, was Naughty Dog's The Last of Us. A stark departure from their feel-good adventures with Nathan Drake, this was a nasty, bloody, and depressing trip through post-apocalyptic America. The game's ending left room for a sequel, and I for one hope that it happens.

Sequels are also a chance for new games that failed to reach their full potential to have a second chance - look no further than last year's Borderlands 2 to see how a sequel with more time and money behind it can greatly improve on a promising but flawed original.

This year, Capcom's stylish action game Remember Me falls into that category for me. The debut game from a new studio, that was bounced from publisher to publisher, Remember Me had a difficult birth, and the end result suffered. It's unlikely to get a sequel, but I hope Capcom will take a chance on it and give Dontnod the chance to make a much more polished follow-up.

Over to you, readers. Which brand new games released in 2013 would you most like to see get a sequel or turned into franchises? List your nominations in the comments below, and I will collate and announce the results in two weeks.

 - James "DexX" Dominguez

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