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Glitch: Australia's first commercial gaming space in West Perth

West Perth, long considered a staid hub for junior explorers and miners is set for an invasion of pale, wide-eyed teenagers.

What's believed to be WA's and, perhaps, Australia's first social gaming lounge opens on Saturday morning.

Glitch is expected to generate a new buzz within the inner-city suburb as a counter-culture of gamers are drawn away from their bedrooms to a warehouse-like space furnished with comfy chairs and wide screens.

Managing director Adam Broons said Glitch aimed to provide a unique space for all gamers.

"There is a gamer in all of us and this Australia-first commercial gaming hub is especially for them," he said.


"We wanted to create a space where young and old, pro and casual, the adventurers and the shooters could all come together and play."

Mr Broons said that the idea for Glitch had evolved over the course of a four-year long Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

"We did our research – we looked at the scenes in Las Vegas, New York, Singapore, South Korea, even here in Australia, and we found there just didn't seem to be anything like this," he said. 

"There were bars that held events, or community groups that bounced around, but not a dedicated venue with the hardware and technology for something like Glitch."

Glitch houses 12 video game systems including Playstations 4s, Xbox Ones and Wii U.

The systems are available on a pay-per-hour basis from $14 and less for two or more people.

Alternatively, the venue or a number of systems can be booked for events or work functions.

Mr Broons said Glitch would offer various pop culture theme nights during the year like retro, racing and sports gaming, through to tournaments that run from a single night to ones that continue over several months - or longer.

"No matter what your age - even if you played Pong [one of the very first video games], there will be something for you at the Glitch," he said. 

Glitch, 1242 Hay Street and open Sunday-Thursday 10am-7 pm and Friday-Saturday 10am-10pm.