Netflix VPN crackdown hits PayPal customers

Hannah Francis   Payments provider severs its service with Canada's UnoTelly, even though customers could be using the VPN provider for privacy or security reasons.

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News flash! Sennheiser make headphones you can't afford

Sennheiser's HE1060 headphones sound exquisite, but cost as much as a Beemer.

Rod Easdown     How can a pair of headphones be worth $75,000? The short answer is that by any normal measure they aren't. Ah, but this is hi-fi and normal measures do not apply.

Home stereo: Yamaha set to give Sonos a fight

Yamaha's MusicCast whole-of-home system lets you incorporate your own speakers.

Rod Easdown   Yamaha's MusicCast system works a treat even if you don't have its brand speakers.

School's in - and Mum ran over my iPad

Grade 6 student Rose at Donvale Primary School. With the use of iPads has come a new set of rules and a whole lot of ...

Chris Johnston   Schoolbags can be stood on, dropped, thrown, ridden over on a bike, flung out a window. Set on fire. The possibilities are endless. Chances are these days there will be an ipad or tablet in the bag.


Every TV and movie streaming service you can watch in Australia

So much video to stream, so little time.

Campbell Simpson   Here's a list of every major TV catch-up service, and every subscription streaming website or app for movies and TV, available to Aussies.

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US Netflix blocked? Here's how to fix it - and watch everything

The game of cat and mouse between Netflix and services which get around its geoblocking is well and truly on.

Hannah Francis   Yes, you can still get what you want, when you want it (mostly).

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Samsung Gear: the VR's hot, but oops, so is the phone

Samsung's Gear VR: guaranteed to make you popular at parties.

Peter Wells   Samsung's headset, the first consumer-grade to hit the market, is an immediate hit when people gather.


Netflix starts blocking Australian customers from US catalogue

Australians will no longer be able to access US Netflix content when the website cracks down on the use of VPNs.

Hannah Francis   Streaming giant launches geododging crackdown just days after it first announced it would do so.

Phantom of the flopera

The Devialet Phantom speakers are sleek, stylish, expensive - and sound good.

Rod Easdown   The Devialet Phantom speaker is awesome - unless you're running Windows.

Home tech

'Plug n' play hub' is a router that makes a safe Wi-Fi network just for kids

The plug n' play hub allows inappropriate site and content to be blocked and time limits to be set on certain sites, ...

Claire Connelly   American company plans to bring its tiny router — which plugs into home internet to make a safe network kids can connect to with their devices — to Australia 'shortly'.

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The perfect accessory for the hip urbanite

These Urbanite headphones do exactly what you want them to do.

Peter Wells   Sennheiser's Urbanite XLs are top of the line wireless headphones.

Ear, ear! Which buds are the best?

Focal Sphear buds are one of many on offer for audio on the run.

Rod Easdown   Modern portable audio systems offer a vast array of things to stick in, or over, your ears. What should you buy, and what should you avoid?

Ear, ear! Which audio devices deserve applause

Focal Sphear buds are one of many on offer for audio on the run.

Rod Easdown   Portable audio systems can be used with a perplexing variety of headphones and earbuds. But which ones should you buy, and which should you avoid?

CES 2016: The future of TV inches along

A Samsung Ultra Slim Quantum dot display television is displayed at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Hannah Francis    The thin TVs were thinner, and ultra-high definition brighter, at this year's Consumer Electronics Show.

Prepare to say hello to HaLow

HaLow is the new Wi-Fi format for the Internet of Things.

Adam Turner   Gizmo Guy Wi-Fi HaLow's low power demands make it a viable alternative to current home wireless standards.

Splash out a bit if you must indulge in poolside cinema

Watching movies in the garden sounds like great fun. But it isn't.

Rod Easdown   Home cinema set-ups in your garden can be a lot of fun - but only if you don't like watching movies.


Throwing some light on your new camera

The Leica Q is an old-school, photo-journalist-style camera with class.

Terry Lane   Don't forget to use the often-excellent instructional PDFs or videos that come with your new camera.

Home tech

How to access your music files from anywhere with Microsoft Groove

Groove Music may be the underdog, but it has a few tricks up its sleeve.

David Nield   Microsoft has its own streaming music service, just in case you'd forgotten, and while its feature set is rather par-for-the-course in a lot of areas, there is one interesting trick that's worth trying out.

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Why your dog needs to get online

Illustration: Rocco Fazzari

Nick Galvin   For millennia the relationship between man and his best friend has been unchanged – a largely uncomplicated affair built on loyalty, trust and tickles behind the ears.

If you want ultra-modern, think Neolithic

The Neolith is an electrostatic speaker that costs more than a granny flat.

Marc Rushton   Electrostatic speakers are not for the faint-hearted. Or the broke.