North Koreans subvert laws preventing access to movie and TV shows with $60 device

James Pearson   People are exchanging South Korean soaps, pop music, Hollywood films and news programs, all of which are expressly prohibited by the North Korean regime.

Netflix, Stan, Presto, Quickflix: The ultimate guide to Australia's new subscription video services


Adam Turner   Netflix, Quickflix, Presto and Stan are all fighting for your attention, but how easy are they to use and how hard will they hammer your internet connection?


How the Australian Netflix differs from the US service

The Australian Netflix has far fewer titles than the US version.

Ben Grubb   The Australian Netflix has officially launched but has 7000 fewer titles than the US version.

Online Office suites

Online Office suites such as  Microsoft One Drive's are fine for basic document creation.

Adam Turner   There's no need to fork out a fortune for programs to create documents. What's on offer for free can be just as good, expecially if your head is already in the cloud.

How to buy a new TV

Curved or flat, OLED or LED, there are many more factors than size to choosing a new TV.

Adam Turner   Know your LCDs from your LEDs and your OLEDs before shelling out on that new telly.

Portable sound machines have travelled far

B&O A2

Rod Easdown   There are several things to think about before buying. Sound quality is the most obvious and you can only judge this by listening.


Electrolux mixer.

Jayne D'Arcy   When it comes to stand mixers, most covet the KitchenAid.


Excuse me, my oven is texting me

Life in a smart kitchen: Just ping me when you're done.

Electrolux will start selling an oven that can stream footage of the cooking process.

Home DJs warned: protect your grooves

The Pro-Ject Debut III.

Rod Easdown   We know vinyl records have made a comeback, but remember that they're easily damaged by poor-quality turntables.

Tech Know

Samsung R320 goggles.

Adam Turner   From flying across the solar system to chasing dinosaurs through the jungle, virtual reality headsets can whisk you away to another world.

Legendary amp returns for purist ears

Packs a punch: Musical Fidelity's Nu-Vista 800 pumps out 330 watts per channel.

Rod Easdown   The Nu-Vista amp – the first using nuvistor valves – was released in 1999, but the supply quickly dwindled. Now they're back with extra punch.

Portable record players

The Crosley Cruiser comes in a range of cool colours.

Jayne D'Arcy   Are portable record players worth the money?

The Tribal Mind: 30 years on, let's check out Neighbours

Psychological games: Rebecca Gibney as Eve Winter.

It's too easy to be cynical about Neighbours, to dismiss it as a daggy throwback to a simpler time in Australia's history, memorable mainly as a launching pad for the likes of Russell Crowe, Margot Robbie, Guy Pearce and Kylie Minogue.

The Age stories come to life in photographs

Kathleen Whelan has compiled <i>Photography of The Age</i>.

Terry Lane   A new book by Kathleen Whelan celebrates more than 100 years of photography in the pages of The Age newspaper.

Home office printers tested

HP Officejet Pro 6830: Better with photos if you need the occasional glossy print.

Adam Turner   One turns out pages faster, another can handle larger sheets - different home printers boast their own advantages.

Tune your room to get the best sounds

Good listening: Where should your chair be?

Rod Easdown   Most hi-fi enthusiasts spend lots of money on equipment and next to nothing on the room in which the stuff is deployed.

Sound needs room to groove

Acoustic panels can range from plain to decorative.

Rod Easdown   There are acoustic aids that can be tailored to any room, made specifically for music rooms and home theatres.

Tech Know: Movie-making cameras

The Sony A7 delighted me with its stunning portraits, but its videos weren't such a success.

Jayne D'Arcy   Shooting video on the Sony A7 and the Panasonic Lumix GM5.

Home laser-cutting: the next wave in computer-aided creativity

A desktop laser cutter under development at start-up Glowforge carves details into a wooden iPhone case.

Nick Wingfield   While 3D printers are slow, only work with some materials and are difficult to operate, PC-connected laser-cutting machines are set to make a splash with those keen to fashion their own wares.

TV sales staff put a little curve to their spin

Take note of what display TVs are showing - animations always look great.

Rod Easdown   There is plenty to look at when shopping for a new TV.