Digital Radio

Driven to digital radio

Glenn Mulcaster DAB+ tuners have become standard in some Toyota and Lexus cars.

Make the big switch to digital radio

Digital radio.

Conrad Walters If you've only just resigned yourself to the fact digital television will replace analog television, you may wish to take a deep breath. The same is happening to radio.

Digital radio: what's in store

Grundig GDR710DABIP: includes an iPod dock.

Nick Ross It's not cheap buying into digital radio as each device is, in effect, a computer that decodes the digital signal.

Digital radio

The sweet sounds of revolution

young woman listening to music wearing headphones

Adam Turner The internet hasn't killed the radio star, instead it has opened up a whole new audience online.


Toss-up: digital radios


Adam Turner The crystal-clear sound and extra channels of digital radio is music to the ears of many Australians.

Digital Radio

Cash crisis threat to local signals


Adam Turner Australia's community radio stations face an uncertain future after funds were slashed in the coming federal budget.

Digital radio

A digital future

Bush Latitude.

Sight and Sound If you want AM that sounds better than FM, there's a simple way to get it: digital radio.


High-rise technology

At your fingertip: New apartments at Imperial Doncaster come with a free iPad Mini.

Katie Cincotta In the not-too-distant future integrated hi-fi technology will reach new heights in the darling of Melbourne's east, Doncaster.

Go go gadgetry changes gear

Audi A8 Google Earth application.

Advances in technology are slowly changing the way we get from point A to point B, writes Barry Park.

Three contenders ... music systems for $400


Rod Easdown Want to enhance your listening experience? You can get superior sound quality in a compact hi-fi for a song.

Radio revolution in bits and bytes

Legs of woman wearing white roller skates

Adam Turner The latest advance in broadcasting, slowly winning over Australians, is about to get a push from a driving force.

Digital is now making waves

Roberts ColourStream DAB+ Digital Radio.

Road test The hoopla has settled and these new radios are starting to live up to their promise.

Sound concepts better unplugged

The Sonos Play 3

Rod Easdown Wireless systems are redefining home audio - both in price and ease of use.

Have digital, will travel

Francis Leach, radio announcer hosting a national digital broadcast for the ABC.

Radio broadcasters are preparing to expand their DAB+ coverage, writes Glenn Mulcaster.

Three contenders ... portable digital radios

Three Contenders

Philips AE5430.JPG

Rod Easdown The infuriating thing about the first digital radios wasn't the prices; it was that they didn't sound that good.

Radio rocked to its core

Jaime Chaux

Adam Turner Jaime Chaux remembers when rock music was young and he hopes digital radio will help rock rediscover its youth.