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Crank up the experience with home theatre sound systems

Sight and Sound There can be a bit of flexibility on how much you need to spend on home theatre sound systems.


Musical theatre mix

Yamaha YHT299B.

Sight and Sound It's hardly surprising that salesmen try to get you to spend a bit more than you'd planned.

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Getting the right sound

The audio on Blu-ray is invloving, immersive and exciting.

Rod Easdown You can really hear the difference between Blu-ray discs and DVDs.

Digital radio

The sweet sounds of revolution

young woman listening to music wearing headphones

Adam Turner The internet hasn't killed the radio star, instead it has opened up a whole new audience online.

How to

Bridge the gap between internet and your TV

Apple TV.

Adam Turner The internet offers easy access to a world of movies and TV shows, but what's the best way to watch them all on your television?

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Lovely distortions

Yamaha HN-373.

Sight and Sound Rod Easdown reviews three home theatre systems, including one with valves.

Televisions of grandeur

Sony Personal 3D Viewer.

Mike Wilcox considers the latest screen technology for home.

Sound concepts better unplugged

The Sonos Play 3

Rod Easdown Wireless systems are redefining home audio - both in price and ease of use.

The chaos of a power struggle

Pioneer speaker.

Sight and Sound Everyone knows lots of power is good in an audio system and more power is even better, which is why many developers go to extraordinary lengths to get the best power figures they can possibly achieve.

Three contenders ... $1000 home theatres

home theatre

Rod Easdown It's now possible to buy a full 5.1 surround-sound home theatre for less than $1000.

Blockbuster or bomb?

Terminator 2.

Sight and Sound If you want to test your home entertainment system, you're going to need the right movie, writes Rod Easdown.

Boxing clever as well as sharp

Apple TV.

Adam Turner The latest Apple TV is almost up to speed with streaming films in full high-definition.

Three contenders ... online movie rentals

Apple TV

Adam Turner Hiring a movie without getting off the couch is the holy grail of home entertainment.

How smart is your TV?

An attendee looks at a Samsung ES8000 75-inch LED TV at the Samsung Electronics booth at CES.

In the not-too-distant future, you'll be talking to your TV instead of using the remote control, logging into Facebook with your face and disconnecting your DVD player and pay TV box in favour of...

Choosing a sound system set-up

Sony HTDDW7000 speaker system

Rod Easdown Without a decent sound system, you're missing half the entertainment experience.

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Figures that speak volumes


Rod Easdown How come I can buy a 200-watt ghetto blaster, complete with radio tuner, CD player and USB, for $199 when a plain old stereo amplifier with 50 watts per channel, or 100 watts total, costs $599?

Make the most of entertainment at home

Entertainment at home: how to get the most out of it.

Rod Easdown There are many pitfalls when setting up your lounge room. Here are some of the hard lessons we've learned, writes Rod Easdown.