New audio format has purists singing praises

Olivier Robert-Murphy of Universal Music says Pure Audio's sound quality is unrivalled.

Anthony Clarke A new high-fidelity audio medium has been launched that will revolutionise high-quality audio.


Analog TV turn-off: help across the digital divide

Illustration: John Shakespeare.

Adam Turner Victorian stragglers have only weeks to upgrade to digital television as the networks prepare to scrap the country's remaining analog channels.

Home tech

Why movie downloads suck

This film publicity image released by Disney-Marvel Studios shows Robert Downey Jr., left, as Tony Stark/Iron Man and Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts in a scene from

Adam Turner The next Hollywood blockbuster you buy on disc will probably come with a free digital download, but you never quite know what you'll get.

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Musical theatre mix

Yamaha YHT299B.

Sight and Sound It's hardly surprising that salesmen try to get you to spend a bit more than you'd planned.

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Plan for your TV future

Toshiba 39AL900A 99cm.

Sight and Sound It's not all that easy to find a small, basic, non-internet, non-3D telly with lots of inputs.

Home tech

Foxtel ditches 3D due to lack of interest


The section of 3D movies at the DVD store could soon go the way of Betamax, with Australian audiences showing a distinct lack of interest in the technology.


Home media servers: Plex v XBMC

Adam Turner A home media server gathers your digital library and shares it with all your gadgets.


A cheaper route


Sight and Sound Reviews for three portable DVD players to help keep children quiet on a long car journey.


Toss-up: Soundbars

Adam Turner If you're underwhelmed by your TV's speakers, a soundbar can add punch to your loungeroom audio.

Online video

Links lag in supply chain

Big hit: Get <i>Packed to the Rafters</i> with an app.

Adam Turner Australia is four years behind overseas online video services, according to Samsung Australia.


Toss-up: DVD rental services

Adam Turner If you're not ready to stream movies, there are alternatives to visiting your local video rental store.

Sight & Sound

Cross the deep Blu-ray sea

Laser BD1000.

Sight and Sound If you want to play American Blu-rays, you'll need to exercise dogged persistence.


Hybrid set to change TV

HbbTV is coming to Australia.

Adam Turner Australian broadcasters embrace Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV.


Toss-up: Android streaming apps

Adam Turner Rather than leave your movies and TV shows locked away, you can stream them from your Android gadgets to screens around your home.

Three-way shootout: home-theatre soundbars

Yamaha soundbar.

Road test These sleek bearers of sound are no longer the gimmick they seemed only years ago.

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Five-way shootout: catch-up TV

Fairfax Art and Design. For Live Wire 19-04-2012.A family watching a laptop computer screen instead of a TV set.

Nick Galvin Nick Galvin casts an eye over the internet options offered by the free-to-air networks.

Apple television stalled by content negotiations

apple tv

Designing the Apple television may prove easy compared with convincing media and cable companies to loosen their grip on the TV industry.

Break down Blu-ray borders

Blu-Ray player.

Multiregion capability no longer has to mean big bucks, writes Anthony Clarke.

Getting the most from your system

<i>Gladiator</i>'s fight scenes are rich and detailed.

Rod Easdown Here are some movies that not only work your system hard, but are also great entertainment.

Is 3D a gimmick or a proposition?

What's wrong with 3D TV?

Rod Easdown Most Australians buying a television consider 3D a fad, survey finds.