Crank up the experience with home theatre sound systems

Sight and Sound There can be a bit of flexibility on how much you need to spend on home theatre sound systems.

Whole-of-home system has never been easier

The Pioneer A1 speaker provides powerful music that's nicely defined and clear.

Rod Easdown For $399 you can start your whole-of-home audio system - no cables, no connections.

Digital radio

The sweet sounds of revolution

young woman listening to music wearing headphones

Adam Turner The internet hasn't killed the radio star, instead it has opened up a whole new audience online.

Internet TV

TV pilots turn to net, not networks


Brian Stelter Companies are creating new networks for television through broadband pipes and giving rise to new rivalries.

3D printing

Rethinking objects and form are key to 3D printing

3D printing

Ben Deighton The real 3D printing revolution will come when designers start to rethink the shapes of objects.

Three contenders ... music systems for $400


Rod Easdown Want to enhance your listening experience? You can get superior sound quality in a compact hi-fi for a song.

Is Plasma TV dead?

Young woman watching television at the consumer electronics and entertainment show --- plasma flatscreen, digital tv, foxtel, pay tv, pay television, media, entertainment, advertising.  Thursday 12th June 2003
 photo Louie Douvis

Peter Pachal A combination of factors in the industry and the consumer market have conspired to shut plasma TVs out of showrooms — and consumer living rooms.

Three contenders: home cinemas for $1000

Yamaha YHT696AU, $1199.

Rod Easdown These three systems bring the cinematic experience to you.

Sound concepts better unplugged

The Sonos Play 3

Rod Easdown Wireless systems are redefining home audio - both in price and ease of use.

What you need to know when buying a TV

New TVs are a delight for novices and technofiles alike.

Rod Easdown Keep calm, take a deep breath and enter a new realm of home entertainment.

Plasma v LCD - which should you buy?

IPTV brings video available on the internet to your living room.

Rod Easdown Where your set is located can dictate which television is best for you.

Dust off the sounds of the past

Sight and Sound Hi-fi nostalgia will never pay the rent, writes Rod Easdown.

The human voice as a game changer

speech recognition

Natasha Singer The race is on to make the voice the sought-after new interface between us and our technology.

Choosing a sound system set-up

Sony HTDDW7000 speaker system

Rod Easdown Without a decent sound system, you're missing half the entertainment experience.

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The year the plasma died?


Louisa Hearn The future of plasma TV has been hotly debated ever since big LCD screens muscled their way into the market, but will 2009 go down in history as the year that plasma finally died?