Where do I click, again? A guide to Windows 8

PETER SVENSSON With the launch of Windows 8, people are about to discover a computing experience unlike anything they've seen before. Here's a guide to getting past some of the hurdles.

A clear reception for digital TV

Digital TV

Adam Turner The untold downside of upgrading to digital television is that a less-than-perfect signal can leave you with no picture at all.

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Q and A

Nicole Manktelow I have just moved house and want to change my wireless internet for a fast broadband connection. It seems I need to have the phone on to get ADSL.

Macman: cloud cover

Apple iPhone showroom

Garry Barker On almost every cybercorner of the web these days, you are likely to find someone talking about cloud computing.

Macman: fingers the best cursor control


Garry Barker A little button on the tab-bar of Firefox's latest browser, version 3.5, has kindled a new flame in the hoary debate on whether it is quicker to use keyboard shortcuts rather than a mouse.

Beginners' guide to WiFi


Claire McEntee Wi-Fi allows computer users to surf the internet free of wires. It uses radio waves to transmit data and a wireless adapter on a computer translates data into a radio signal and transmits it via an...

An Apple a day

Students at Coburg Senior High School.

Garry Barker There is one school in Melbourne, Coburg Senior High School, where computers — in this case, all of them are Macs — are integral to an educational project that is rare in the world, maybe even unique.

Spelling it out for you

spell check

George Skarbek Automatic spell checking in word-processing programs is now accepted as an essential part of accurate writing and most users appreciate it picking up typing errors, duplicated words, incorrect...