Apple confirms iPhone event for September 10 as new photos leak online

Apple has fired off invitations to a September 10 event at which it is expected to spice up its iPhone line as new photos of the rumoured devices leaked online.


iPhone trade-in program not coming to Australia


Apple's new iPhone trade-in program will not be coming to Australia, the company says.


Apple testing iPhone with 6-inch screen: report


Salvador Rodriguez Apple is reportedly testing iPhone designs with screens larger than any it has had before in a bid to catch up to rival Samsung.


Budget iPhone launching this year: report

iPhone mini

Emily Price A new budget version of the iPhone is set to launch this year, according to an ETrade Supply source.

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iPhone growth lowest since 2007 launch

iPhone 5

Samantha Murphy It may seem like everyone already has all the mobile devices they need, but global shipments for notebooks, tablets and smartphones reached 308.

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iPhone charger can hack into Apple devices

iPhone 5

Security researchers say they have worked out how to hack into iPhones and iPads through a charger.

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Apple's next iPhone to feature 'slimmer screen'

iPhone apps

Apple's next iPhone is expected to have a bigger screen and now a new report says it will also have a thinner one.

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Is this the next iPhone?

Is this the next iPhone?

Charlie White iPhone 5, is that you? We’ve seen plenty of leaked pics of different parts of what’s purported to be the next iPhone, but Lab Factory seems to have uncovered the most complete spy shots yet of the...

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iPhone appeal dims as Samsung shines


The once-sexy iPhone is starting to look small and chubby.

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Toss up: iPhone car cradles

Belkin TuneBase

Adam Turner A hands-free car kit is essential if you want to use your mobile phone while behind the wheel.

Is this the next iPhone?

Is this the next iPhone?

Is this the next iPhone?

iPhone 5 launch coming in September, AT&T source tells BGR


An iPhone 5 launch in September has been confirmed by a "trusted AT&T source", according to a new report.

iPhone becomes mobile casino by adding real-money bets

A screengrab of the Big Fish Casino application.

Douglas MacMillan Phone users will soon be able to gamble with real money on virtual slot machines, trying their luck with the swipe of an index finger.

iPhone 5 front panel pictures leaked?

iPhone 5 rumour picture.

Images allegedly showing the front panel of the yet-to-be-released iPhone 5 have been circulating on the web via a repair site.

An 'iPhone 5' for unhappy fans of food porn

iPhone 5 spoof.

Deborah Netburn New York comedian uploads spoof video with the tantalising title “LEAKED Official Apple iPhone 5 Promo Video- Keynote 2012”.

Should you buy an iPhone 5?

Apple CEO Tim Cook looks on as Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters looks at the new iPhone 5.

Macman Apple's new iPhone is improved in some key performance areas.

Toss-up: iPhone 5 car mounts


Adam Turner The iPhone 5's redesign makes life difficult if you want to use Apple's wunderphone in the car.

40% of US teens say they own an iPhone


Deborah Netburn iPhone fever is not just an adult affliction. It has trickled down to the younger population as well.

Smartphone battle: iPhone 5 v HTC One XL


Katie Cincotta The choice between the iPhone 5 and its HTC rival comes down to personal preferences in our one-on-one match-up.

Woes with iPhone 5 go beyond Maps

iPhone 5

Edward C. Baig Flawed maps haven't been the only issue to get some consumers worked up about the iPhone 5.

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