What's inside that counts: iOS 8 the best part of iPhone 6

Molly Wood 1:10 PM   Apple's new software combines some of the advanced features of Android with Apple's ease of use and reliability.


Top 11 features of Apple iOS8

The Apple iPhone 6, left, and iPhone 6 Plus. will have iOS8 installed when they go on sale on Friday.

Garry Barker 11:01 AM   It's not a total overhaul but rather a major step forward in ease of use and intuitive operation. Here's what to expect when you upgrade your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch's operating system.

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Apple tool helps iTunes users delete free U2 album

Apple CEO Tim Cook and U2 singer Bono.

Apple has begun helping people boot U2 off their iTunes accounts after a cacophony of complaints about not wanting the automatically downloaded free album by the Irish rock band.

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Demand for iPhone 6 fuels grey market

Telstra, SingTel-Optus and Vodafone have released their contract pricing for the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Wealthy mainland Chinese looking to buy the new iPhone 6 on Friday could expect to pay an eye-watering $A2754 for the handsets in Hong Kong, after Apple's decision to delay the launch in China.


Why Apple's products can't be judged by tech alone

Tim Cook borrowed from Steve Jobs - "One more thing" - in introducing the Apple Watch.

David Carr   What is it about Apple that makes a sea of professional curmudgeons whoop like children on Christmas, even when the product being revealed is one they all knew was coming?

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iPhone 6 'scalpers' flood eBay

Apple chief executive Tim Cook showcasing the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Hannah Francis   Hordes of people lucky enough to have nabbed pre-orders for the first iPhone 6 shipments are now flogging them online for well over the recommended retail price.

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Apple Watch a triumph for Melbourne app creator

Belle Gibson, creator of the app The Whole Pantry.

Rachael Jones   A cancer diagnosis, family adversity and hard work, did not stop Belle Gibson collecting her reward last week.

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iPhone 6 demand crashes Apple online store

Hot property ... the Apple iPhone 6, left, and iPhone 6 Plus.

Hannah Francis   Apple's online store crashed under the weight of demand from eager early adopters hoping to pre-order one of the new iPhone 6 models launched this week.

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Lovers and haters divided by Apple

Apple logo

Stephen Hutcheon   In the binary world of technology there are two types of people: those who adore Apple and its products and those who loathe everything the company makes and stands for with equal measure.

The end of an era as iPod classic slips away

In 2007 the sixth generation iPod was released, and was renamed iPod Classic.

Scott Butterworth   It inspired a new business model and turned a struggling computer maker into the most valuable company in the world, but Apple will no longer sell the iPod Classic.

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Samsung mocks Apple's iPhone 6, Watch in new ads

The Samsung YouTube advertisements portray the mishaps of two "genius" employees in an Apple-like store.

Patrick Begley   Samsung takes a bite of Apple with "unfunny" ads.


Apple reportedly unhappy with Watch battery life

Apple CEO Tim Cook unveils the Apple Watch on stage.

Adario Strange   There was one feature that Tim Cook failed to detail when talking up the Apple Watch.


Apple iPhone 6 Plus v Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The new Galaxy Note 4.

Jenneth Orantia   Apple now has a phablet. How does it compare with the new generation phablet from Samsung, which led this new category until now?

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Apple chief Tim Cook playing catch up with iPhone 6

Apple CEO Tim Cook holds the new iPhone 6 Plus.

Ben Grubb   Apple and its chief executive Tim Cook are playing catch up.

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Apple Watch: why I won't be buying one

The Apple Watch comes in a choice of two sizes, three cases, and heaps of straps, but do you need one?

Todd Wasserman   It looks like an elegant, useful and fashionable device. But I'm not interested.

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Mobile payment

Apple waiting on Visa to make Apple Pay work in Australia

The Apple Watch will be able to make payments using Apple Pay in the US.

Beverley Head   Apple Pay - Apple's answer to a digital wallet - was announced overnight but it can't be launched in Australia until 2015 because a key part of the underlying security platform isn't ready.

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Apple launches two iPhone 6 models, first smartwatch

Apple CEO Tim Cook holds the new iPhone 6 Plus.

Hannah Francis   Tech giant Apple has ended months of speculation with its biggest product announcement in recent years.

iPhone 6: Sleek, cool, but not essential

The Apple iPhone 6 Plus and 6, next to the iPhone 5S.

Stephen Hutcheon   You would think that, after seven years of a product becoming progressively faster, thinner and cooler, we would have reached the point of peak iPhone. But apparently not.


With iWatch nowhere to be seen, is Apple wavering on its iBrand?

iPhone 6 Apple Watch launch

Hannah Francis   Patenting issues may have forced Apple to drop the 'i' from some of its new products.

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Scarf guy steals Apple's show

Tommy Krul

Lisa Visentin   As the world tuned in for the great iPhone 6 unveiling, there was one thing Apple had not counted on to steal the show: scarf guy.