Teen girls think sexting is fun, not harmful, survey says

Cosima Marriner   ​Teenage girls are using their mobiles to send sexual images of themselves because they think it's fun and sexy, rather than because they feel pressured by boys, according to the biggest sexting survey undertaken in Australia.


LG announces new Android-powered flip phone

The LG Gentle: The T9 keyboard returns in a cushy faux-leather flip phone thing that runs Android Lollipop 5.1

Tim Biggs   Meet the LG Gentle, a brand new Korean phone with an incredibly Korean name that runs the very latest Android software but has a physical T9 keyboard.

Optus suffers major network outage

Optus was suffering from a "major outage" for mobile customers across NSW and Victoria on Friday.

Ben Grubb   Telco suffered from "major" mobile network outage affecting thousands of its customers in NSW and Victoria for three hours.


iPhone 7 could ditch physical SIM: report

On their way out: SIM cards could soon be a thing of the past.

Tim Biggs   Apple, Samsung and others are reportedly close to agreeing on a common architecture standard for an electronic SIM card, which would do away with the physical pieces of plastic users currently put in their phones and tablets in order to authorise mobile service.

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This is the year of the Android camera

The Samsung Galaxy S6 might currently have the best smartphone camera there is, but it has competition.

Peter Wells   Mobile phone cameras outside of Apple's iPhone have been 'good enough' for a long time, but this year things are shaping up differently.

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LG's G4 is powerful, slick and curvy, but I don't really like it

Distinct personality: LG G4.

Tim Biggs   The leather case, curvy aesthetic and powerful tech of the G4 lend it a unique personality, but it's one I didn't end up liking all that much.

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Apple could have bailed Greece out twice


Hannah Francis   If you needed any more proof of the size of Apple's pudding, chew on this.


Force Touch iPhones now in production, sources say

The next iPhone may be able to sense how hard you're pressing on the screen.

Tim Culpan   Apple has started early production of new iPhone models with a feature called Force Touch, which senses how hard users are pressing down on a screen, people with knowledge of the matter said.


This $300 smartphone is a steal

Agora 4g Pro

Tim Biggs   With a full HD 5.2-inch screen, an octa-core processor and NFC, Kogan's new phone seems on the surface to be punching above its $299 price tag.

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Samsung's gaping security flaw

Last chance: the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Hannah Francis   Phone users risk other people listening in on their conservations and reading their texts


iOS 9 will make your iPhone run smoother, be more efficient

This year's big iOS upgrade will be designed to get everyone upgrading instantly, analysts say.

Jefferson Graham   Apple expected to focus on stability with new upgrade to prevent people refusing to upgrade.

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The seven types of mobile phone hoarders

Emma Heath, from Manly, is holding on to three old mobile phones.

Michael Koziol   Are you a mobile phone hoarder? Is your first iPhone lurking in a shoebox underneath your bed, or collecting dust on a shelf in the storeroom? You're not alone.


Google details Android M, new VR initiatives at I/O event

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - MAY 28: Google senior vice president of product Sundar Pichai delivers the keynote address during the 2015 Google I/O conference on May 28, 2015 in San Francisco, California. The annual Google I/O conference runs through May 29.   Justin Sullivan/Getty Images/AFP

Brian Womack   Google has unveiled an expanded version of its Google Now service, mobile payments, new virtual reality initiatives as well as performance and new security features for its popular Android software, seeking to push back against growing competition from rivals such as Apple.


Android is king, but can it make cash?

Android is the most popular operating system in the world by far, but it is under siege by low-end upstarts and fares poorly versus Apple's iOS in ad revenue. What does the future hold?

Farhad Majhoo   In 2005, Google bought a tiny mobile software company and almost nobody noticed. Now Android is the most dominant computing platform on Earth.

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Old iPhones to get a new lease on life

Older iPhones could be about to get a speed boost.

Hannah Francis   Apple's latest software upgrade is reportedly built to work with older Apple devices.

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Did Apple just leak a new iPhone 6C on its own site?


Tim Biggs   Apple appears to have leaked its next smartphone early, with images on its website showing what looked very much like an iPhone 5S but with the coloured plastic backing of an iPhone 5C.

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Ban mobile phones to help underperforming students: study

Students at a school in Melbourne use their mobile phones in class.

Michael Koziol   New research in the UK suggests mobile phone use in the classroom can have a negative impact on test results for under-performing students.


Mystery behind long-dead PM 'claiming' phone expenses solved

Former PM John Gorton.

Has the ghost of John Gorton been making phone calls?

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Apple can't patent rounded rectangle, appeals court rules

An Apple iPhone 4S and a Samsung Galaxy S III at a store in Seoul in 2012.

Brian X. Chen   Court upholds the bulk of Apple's patent victory against Samsung in 2012, but overturns one important decision.

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YotaPhone faces uphill battle to acceptance

The YotaPhone 2 features a power-saving, customisable e-paper second display which is always on.

Neil MacFarquhar   ​A phone with back-mounted e-paper display might become very popular coming from one of the big western or Asian phone makers, but coming from Russia it faces some very specific challenges.

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