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Samsung's history of problematic products

Samsung has recalled six models of its top-loader washing machines.

Samsung killed the Galaxy Note7 this week after the devices continued to burst into flames. But the tech behemoth has not extinguished scrutiny over its safety record.

What does Samsung do now?

Samsung's Note7 was a great phone, apart from the overheating, but the Note name may now be tarnished forever.

Samsung has issued a second recall for the troubled Note7 handset and canned production, but where does it go from here?

'Power down': It's all over for the Note7

Samsung slashed its third-quarter profit estimate by a third, estimating more than $3 billion in loss over its decision ...

Samsung has asked all retailers across the globe to stop selling and exchanging the Galaxy Note7 smartphone, and has instructed all owners of the phone to power it off and seek a refund or replacement.

Why Pixel is the anti-iPhone

Pixel is filled with all sorts of custom tweaks not found in the standard version of Android.

In a move not unlike Microsoft's when it first introduced the Surface, Google is trying to show vendors how it's done.