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20 injured at LG promotion gone wrong

LG might want to consider making its next smartphone bulletproof after 20 people were reportedly injured by BB guns in a publicity stunt for its latest handset.

The South Korean electronics manufacturer released 100 helium balloons into the air, attached to which were vouchers for LG G2 smartphones.

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LG fail: balloon stunt goes wrong

It seemed like a good idea - smartphone vouchers in helium balloons - until people arrived armed with BB guns and a spear., leaving at least 20 people injured.

The event, which took place in the South Korean capital of Seoul, had been heavily promoted on the company's social media accounts.

But in a desperate attempt to get their hands on the new device for free, some people fired BB guns at the balloons and one woman even had a spear.

Others amassed into a giant scrum to try and catch the falling balloons, which resulted in 20 people being injured and some hospitalised, reports the Korea Times.

LG has said it will compensate everyone injured at the event, and has also cancelled plans for similar media stunts in other South Korean cities.