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iPhone 5 launch coming in September, AT&T source tells BGR

An iPhone 5 launch in September has been confirmed by a "trusted AT&T source", according to a new report.

The carrier plans to launch the sixth-generation iPhone in the third or fourth week of September, according to BGR's report.

That time frame would put the next Apple smartphone's launch in line with the September 21 date other reports have mentioned. Many expect Apple to unveil the phone on September 12.

But unlike other reports, BGR's is the first that gives some information on its source beyond something vague and along the lines of "someone with knowledge". However, BGR doesn't make it clear if its source is someone who is knowledgeable about the Texas-based network or someone who works inside AT&T.

Regardless, the report said AT&T is gearing up for an all-out approach to selling the next Apple handset, noting that the company plans to keep "an all-hands-on-deck policy in place for employees that will extend through to the middle of October".

BGR also reported that a second AT&T source has said the company has been forced to reschedule a large training event due to a "huge announcement".

However, the report failed to offer any further information as to what that announcement could be about or whether it has anything to do with Apple or another company.

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