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Is this Samsung's next Galaxy smartphone?

A photo of what is alleged to be the Galaxy S IV has hit the web, giving an early look at what might be Samsung's next flagship phone.

SamMobile, a blog about Samsung phones, posted the photo on Friday morning last week. The site says the image comes from its "insider" source at Samsung, though SamMobile says it's not 100 per cent certain that the pictured device is indeed the rumoured Galaxy phone.

The phone in the picture looks very similar to the Galaxy S III, which is perhaps the most popular Android phone on the market. The one major differences is the lack of physical buttons on the Galaxy S IV's front side.

Another noticeable difference is that the screen on the Galaxy S IV appears to be larger and closer to the edges of the phone than the one on the Galaxy S III.

SamMobile said its source did not reveal any of the phone's features or specifications, though it does offer a summary of its rumoured specs.

The Galaxy S IV is expected to be announced by Samsung some time in early 2013, with some saying it could be unveiled in April.

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