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Toss-up: iPhone 5 car mounts

The iPhone 5's redesign makes life difficult if you want to use Apple's wunderphone in the car.

Unfortunately, the iPhone 5's larger four-inch screen and smaller Lightning connector mean it is incompatible with many existing accessories, including most tight-fitting iPhone car mounts.

The iPhone 5 is taller than its predecessors but no wider. So while we wait for custom iPhone 5 car mounts to hit the shelves, your best bet is to look for an old iPhone mount that doesn't limit the height of the phone or rely on the old 30-pin connector.

These mounts from Kensington and Belkin will do the job, because they only clasp on to the sides of the iPhone. You'll need to make your own arrangements for connecting the iPhone 5 to the power, your car stereo and a hands-free speaker.

Both mounts give you the option to hold the iPhone upright or sideways. The Belkin looks more elegant, but the Kensington wins out in terms of flexibility. It gives you the choice of attaching the mount to your windscreen with the supplied suction cup or attaching it to an airconditioning vent with the supplied clip.

The Kensington mount is designed to amplify the sound coming from an iPhone's built-in speaker, using a passive acoustic chamber, but this can be a drawback when it comes to the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5's speaker and microphone don't line up as well with the holes in the mount, so it doesn't help with the sound. The bigger problem is that you've now covered up the headphone jack (which has moved to the bottom on the iPhone 5). This is frustrating if you want to use that headphone jack to send music to your car stereo.


The verdict

The fact that it leaves the headphone jack exposed makes the Belkin's elegant design more attractive, unless you're interested in clipping the iPhone mount to your airconditioning vent.

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