New audio format has purists singing praises

Olivier Robert-Murphy of Universal Music says Pure Audio's sound quality is unrivalled.

Anthony Clarke A new high-fidelity audio medium has been launched that will revolutionise high-quality audio.

Three-way shootout: Super Audio Compact Disc players

Krell Cipher Super Audio CD player.

Sight and Sound SACDs sound super but are mostly ignored.

Listen up: a brief history of headphones


Fran Berkman Headphones have come a long way in the past 100 years, revolutionising the way we consume media and the way we communicate.

Vevo chief aims to call the tune in music shake-up

Rio Caraeff

Mark Sweney The former Universal mobile chief reveals his frustration with MTV, and explains why no one need own music if his site succeeds.

Tips for tangle-free headphones

Tangled headphones.

Wrangling wires can go from a small problem to a big mess very quickly. Jenneth Orantia untangles the issue.

Headphones push sound through user's skull

Panasonic Bone Conduction Headphones

People who don't want to disturb sleeping family members could use a new product from Panasonic that doesn't need speakers or even your own ears: wireless bone-conduction headphones.

Stream come true for fans

CDs are being left behind in favour of online subscription services that cater to every musical taste.<br>Illustration: John Shakespeare.

Adam Turner For a flat monthly fee, online services open a world of music options.

Spotify offers Australians 16 million tracks for free - with ads


Samantha Murphy Music-streaming site Spotify is headed down under, offering access to 16 million songs for free if the user puts up with "occasional advertising".

Stream of the crop

Spotify logo.

Adam Turner Subscription service Spotify has joined the fight for supremacy in the online music market.

Listen in gently down the stream


Jenneth Orantia Music downloads are responsible for CD sales plummeting. Now music fans seem content to simply hear, not own, their collection of tunes.

Microsoft to launch rival to iTunes and Spotify


Microsoft plans an expansive Xbox music service joining Spotify-style streaming with download and online-storage functions similar to Apple's iTunes.

War looms as Sony hints that it will abandon iTunes


Julian Lee SONY has signalled it may withdraw its artists from Apple's iTunes store and withhold its games from the iPhone in a sign the two companies are on the brink of all-out war.

Apple expected to unveil new iPod line

iPod invite

Apple is planning a September 1 event at which the company is expected to unveil an updated iPod line-up.

Three-way shootout: subscription music services


Adam Turner If you buy a few albums a year, subscribing to a music service could make sense.

How your iPod could be damaging your ears


Rod Easdown Endless hours of pounding sound from your music player could damage your hearing.

MP3 successor to fight piracy

A man wearing headphones.

A leading technology company is set to launch a new digital music file format which will embed additional content for fans including lyrics, news updates and images in what could be a successor to...

Google to unveil music search

Music, orchestra, violin

Google will launch music search pages next week and include ways for consumers to buy songs for download, according to people familiar with the matter.

At last, music to the critics' ears

ipod advertisement

First it eroded sound quality - now technology is changing its tune, writes Rod Easdown.

Review: Sony Ericsson W995 Walkman


Simon Tsang While a lot of mobile phones purport to double as media players on the go, Sony Ericsson has made music and video playback the whole reason for the W995 Walkman's existence.

Review: Sony Walkman


Dan Kaufman When you look at a portable audio and video player as well engineered as the X1050, you can't help but wonder – if only for a moment – if Sony can still claw market share back from Apple's iPod.