Facebook is forcing messenger app on users and they aren't happy about it

Karissa Bell   8:36 AM   If Foursquare's attempt to force users into Swarm taught us anything, it's that people really don't like being forced into using apps.


Facebook's Bolt faces challenges over its name

A new app from Facebook that looks to be Instagram's version of Snapchat could face challenges over the name Bolt.

Christina Warren   Bolt — the rumoured photo messaging app Facebook accidentally leaked — has't even been released, yet it's already facing potential legal threats over its name.


Patients who use health apps stay healthier

The iECG iPhone app by the University of Sydney provides detects heart rhythm problems. The information can help reduce the risk of stroke particularly in people over 65.

Your smartphone is not only your best friend, it has also become your personal trainer, coach, medical lab and maybe even your doctor.

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Misery enjoys company: Downtrodden vent in anonymous apps

Vent allows you to notify the online community about your feelings.

Mahesh Sharma   Society is showcasing its best and worst side via apps which anonymously broadcast thoughts to a group of strangers.


Apple should do more to tackle in-app purchases problem: EU

Europe's mobile app market has a revenue of $18.2 billion, 80 per cent of that from in-app purchases.

Apple has provided no concrete and immediate solutions to tackle the problem of adults and children racking up credit card bills by making "in-app" purchases on tablets and mobile phones, the European Commission has said.


Menulog fashions faithful clientele of housebound foodies

Owner Charlie Hoyek (centre) and his crew at Manoosh Lebanese Pizzeria.

Katie Cincotta   The online takeaway app that brings us food without having to even talk to the restaurant is getting bigger each year.


Insta Picframes v Frame Ur Life

Insta Picframes: Advanced editing options.

Adam Turner   Rather than posting your snapshots online one by one, photo collage apps let you tell a story.


Emotional airbag no defence against regret

Self-control: is there an app for that?

Ben Grubb   Smartphone applications that attempt to prevent people from sending or posting messages they later come to regret are aplenty. But do they work or is better self control the key?


Most apps in App Store basically lifeless

Buried: With 60,000 new apps every month, many of them are never discovered.

Samantha Murphy Kelly   App discovery still a major issue for developers six years after App Store launch, with report showing nearly 80 per cent of apps in Apple's marketplace are "zombie apps", with hardly any downloads at all.

Apps to help you work out your social media moods

Pushing tin: The Gym Pocket Guide app includes videos on how to use dumb-bells properly.

Cynthia Karena   From the gym to the world of social media, these apps will come in handy.


Why your next phone will be a phablet

Case of so far so good for Artem Kopylov.

Michael Koziol   It's a cross between a phone and a tablet. And it could be the next big technology trend.

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Crowdsource a group of happy taxpayers


Cynthia Karena   It's a helpful set of apps this week, from a crowdsourcing tool to useful aids come tax time.


SwiftKey goes 'freemium'

The Swiftkey app has the ability to offer text predictions specifically tailored to the user.

The company behind the super-successful keyboard app that predicts what you'll type next has, ironically, had some trouble deciding where its own future lies.


The ultimate travel accessory

Pointing the way: a smartphone is the must-have item for negotiating foreign city streets.

Bennett Ring   Most travellers have a mental checklist of items to be ticked off just before leaving on an overseas visit. Top of the list is usually the passport, followed closely by a credit or debit card. Now there’s a third must-have item on the list that guarantees the smooth success of an international jaunt – a smartphone.


Brisbane no closer to Uber approval

Uber app

Amy Remeikis   Brisbane commuters are no closer to accessing the ride-sharing app Uber.


Ride-sharing service to compete with Uber

RideSurfing lets other motorists pick you up, for a donation.

Ben Grubb   How does "free" transportation in a stranger's car sound? That's what a new ride-sharing app called RideSufing is offering as it publicly launches in Sydney to compete with Uber.

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Facebook launches Snapchat competitor Slingshot, again

Facebook announced Slingshot this week, an ephemeral messaging app that should compete with Snapchat.

Kurt Wagner   Ephemeral messaging app that encourages mutual sharing re-launched after an unintentional misfire last week.


World Cup apps: FIFA v SBS

The World Game, World Cup Edition app from SBS.

Adam Turner   As the Socceroos do battle in Brazil, you can keep track of all the action on your tablet. Reigning champions Spain still stand between Australia and the Round of 16 but, whether you're getting up early to watch live or catching up on the highlights afterwards, a tablet on your lap makes for a handy companion.

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NSW cracks down on Uber ride-sharing

Under fire: An Uber driver demonstrates the ride-sharing service in Tokyo, Japan.

Ben Grubb   The NSW government has begun cracking down on the "ride-sharing" component of the smartphone app Uber by issuing $2500 fines and threatening legal action against motorists who offer the service.

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Be a healthy artist with new tunes at your fingertips

Arty: Freshpaint turns your finger into a paintbrush or pencil.

Cynthia Karena   On-screen art, music playlists and health tracker make digital life more interesting.