NSW Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklia, Transport for NSW send mixed messages over legitimacy of 'ridesharing' Uber app service

Ben Grubb   10:31 PM   The NSW government appears as though it won't immediately bow to taxi incumbent's demands and restrict "ridesharing" apps that allow anyone to transport members of the public in their own cars for a fee, arguing how or if it regulates them will depend on what they call their service.


Low cost service a danger to the public, furious taxi drivers say

An ad that appears on Facebook for drivers.

Ben Grubb   11:50 AM   Sydney taxi drivers and the NSW Taxi Council are furious with a new initiative launched by US tech start-up Uber that allows car owners to use their own vehicles to taxi people around for a fee.

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Would you pay a random to taxi you around? I did and this is what happened

Uber Sydney general manager David Rohrsheim.

Ben Grubb   7:19 AM   On Tuesday night a woman who usually delivers fast food to Sydney homes drove me from the Opera House to my apartment in Surry Hills for a measly $7.10. I didn't know this woman prior to her driving me home in the Suzuki Swift she owns - rather I used a new feature in the taxi and private hire car app Uber - due to be rolled out to others soon - to request she pick me up.

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Cortana v Siri: battle of the virtual assistants

Head-to-head: Apple's Siri (left) and Microsoft's Cortana virtual assistants.

Pete Pachal   Out of the gate, Microsoft's virtual assistant Cortana is already a force to contend with. But can she beat Apple's Siri in our head-to-head battle?


FarmVille shifts to fertile mobile devices

FarmVille 2: Country Escape.

Brett Molina   Zynga has released a version of the hit FarmVille game tailored for smartphones and tablets in the hope of reaping a bumper crop of players.


Apple iOS 8 to get song-ID feature, sources say


Adam Satariano   Apple is planning to unveil a song-discovery feature in an update to its iOS mobile software, sources say.


Siri-like Cortana fills Windows Phone gap


Anick Jesdanun   With the new Cortana virtual assistant, Windows Phone catches up with Apple's iOS and Google's Android in a major way.


This app uses a mathematical model to cure your jet lag

Deborah Netburn   Scientists try to move getting over jet lag beyond your grandmother's advice - and they want your help.


Facebook to force users onto Messenger app, eliminate chat

Facebook's Messenger app.

Facebook will no longer let users send and receive messages in its main app, and will require that users install a separate messaging app.


App reviews: BioGarden, Smart Shoot


Cynthia Karena   Cynthia Karena reviews apps to assist gardening, photography and tracking period cycles.


Skinny selfie app sheds virtual weight in photos


Natasha Baker   SkinneePix users shed virtual weight to look skinnier in selfies, but the app has raised concerns about body-image.


Astronomy apps: Planets v Star Walk

Star Walk

Adam Turner   Before you look to the skies it pays to glance at your smartphone.


Apple to raise app prices by up to 30 per cent

The price of apps on Apple's App Store is set to increase.

Ben Grubb   The price of apps on Apple's App Store will rise by up to 30 per cent in Australia.


Apple set to increase price of apps in Australia

The price of apps on Apple's App Store is set to increase.

Ben Grubb   Apple is set to increase the retail price of apps in the Australian App Store.


Melbourne transport timetables hit Google Glass

Transport app.

Paddy Wood   A Melbourne software developer has created a Google Glass app to ensure he never again misses his morning train.


Smartphone apps to follow public transport tracking technology


Adam Carey   Most of Melbourne's buses will be fitted with bus tracking technology within three months, paving the way for public transport users to follow bus movements around the city in real time using smartphones and online.


Microsoft unveils Office for Apple's iPad


Gerry Shih, Bill Rigby   Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has taken the wraps off an Office software suite designed for Apple's iPad.


App reviews: Mind Jar, CityBikes, AFL Live


Cynthia Karena   As the sparkles in the Mind Jar settle, a gong sounds, the signal to close our eyes and breathe slowly.


Child-proof apps for smartphones and tablets

GenericChildren and iPad

Molly Wood   Tablets and phones don't have to be a free-for-all of screen time, app downloading or inappropriate content discovery for children.