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Is there life still in the iPhone?

The iPhone 5s.

Apple's profits are down but it has sold more smartphones than expected in the latest quarter, soothing fears that demand for its biggest product has hit a wall.

21 pro Pokemon GO tips

Pokemon GO has become the most popular mobile game almost literally overnight.

The incredibly popular app doesn't come with many instructions, but here are some tips from what we've learned so far.

Pokemon GO's unexpected side effect

There are three PokeStops associated with the museum.

​People are getting really into Pokemon GO, a new mobile take on the classic franchise. In fact, they're maybe getting a little too into it.

Apps to sort your photos and your eggs

This app makes sorting your snaps much easier.

Things to sort all the photos on your phone, and to check on the welfare of the chooks that lay the eggs you eat feature in this month's selection of new you-beaut apps.