Sun Surveyor

Sun Surveyor.

Sun Surveyor

By Adam Ratna,
For Android, iPhone
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Want to know where the Sun or Moon will be at a certain time? See the path of the Sun and the Moon with a 3D compass over a map or street view, or through your phone's camera. Well-designed app, useful for predicting how light (sunlight or moonlight) and shade will change over time at a particular location. Also includes equinox and solstice overlays, and statistics for science enthusiasts.

fanatix cricket

By Tixdaq,
Android, iPhone
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Follow matches live with social media options to share your cricket insights/rants with other fans, or just have private group chats with your friends. Create a personalised feed with video highlights, tweets and blog posts from the teams and commentators you want to follow.


Quick Straight (iPhone, free).

Easily straighten photos with an uneven horizon. From ActiveDevelopment.

Navita Translator (BlackBerry, free).

Translates and speaks words and phrases from emails, websites, SMS or text into a wide range of languages from Hindi to Latvian. Simple, but free. From Navita Tecnologia.