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Owner Reviews

Hyundai ix35

Hyundai ix35 Stock image

Jack Passenger seating lets the vehicle down. Would recommend that anyone taking this vehicle for a test drive ensures that their partner is in the front passenger seat and they spend at least an hour driving around. Otherwise this is a nice car to drive, looks good, has good luggage capacity and ...

Mitsubishi Challenger

Mitsubishi Challenger Stock image

shane car still has random loss of power issues, Auto transmission locks in second gear on hot days or when towing Air conditioner shuts down on days of 35degs and above. driveline vibration Traction control does not work scratches and chips all over the interior due to it being pulled apart so many ...

Mercedes-Benz E250 CDI

Mercedes-Benz E250 CDI Stock image

Jon May Best car I have ever owned in 44 years of driving from approximately 50-60 cars I've owned.

Hyundai ix35

Hyundai ix35 Stock image

Peter Keast I was very happy. We drove it from Cairns to Darwin to Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and back to Cairns. A great little mover. We upgraded to the 2013 model and just added the roof bars and a tow bar.

Land Rover Defender

Land Rover Defender Stock image

Tim Love it, but then I am a bit of a Landrover tragic, for expeditions and remore travel there is no susbstitute, nor a vehicle that will raise and maintain such emotion. It qute simply is the quintessential adventure vehicle.

Honda Jazz

Honda Jazz Stock image

Stephen Perfect car for the commute to work. Also surprisingly good as a highway cruiser. And you can fit a tall man and a fridge in it. Not a sports car, doesn't try to be.

Nissan Pathfinder

Nissan Pathfinder Stock image

James Conroy Love this car, I cant understand why people buy Toyotas

Holden Apollo

Holden Apollo Stock image

Luna We also have a 2005 Toyota Corolla, but I hardly like it as much as the Apollo!

Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry Stock image

Luna I like it!

Ford Focus

Ford Focus Stock image

David Bibo An overpriced cheapie dressed up and sold to look like a premium vehicle. Save yourself some money and pay less for a better car, or pay more money for something else and get what you pay for. With the Focus you are paying the high price but not getting a high quality vehicle.

Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai Santa Fe Stock image

Darryl Reynolds best car l have ever owned

Volkswagen Eos

Volkswagen Eos Stock image

Phil Kafcaloudes This is a beautiful car, and despite its compromised nature as a convertible, always feels solid and classy. I'm sorry the car is being discontinued, because my intention was to buy another when this one ends its days.

Kia Rio

Kia Rio Stock image

Raymond Jones I like the car but KIA warranty work and problem solving needs more effort. I would not buy the same car again due to this issue. KIA will not deal with the customer referring you back to a dealer for all contact.

Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V Stock image

Asad This is my first car in Australia and I love it. I am not too sure about its efficiency in fuel cuz i am able to get 300-400 kms out of it in one full tank

Hyundai iLoad

Hyundai iLoad Stock image

patrick van now 4.5 yo getting things fixed at dealers is like pulling teeth.(although the guy I deal with now is very good). you can see these blokes pulling hair out trying to fix the same faults again and again. had the first couple of services at the dealer, but soon realised they charge big bucks, ...

Dodge Journey

Dodge Journey Stock image

Vaughan Wood Certainly the best car I've ever had, and have changed cars every 4 years since 18, now 65. Very good road manners, easy to drive, powerful engine for overtaking, and very quiet ride. Only revving @ 1000 revs at 60kph in 5th, and changes up to 6th just under 80, so again will sit on 80 @ ...


BMW M3 Stock image

Stuart Bullock Absolutely lovely car to drive, but be prepared to spend to enjoy.

Holden Captiva

Holden Captiva Stock image

Tanya NEVER BUY A CRAPTIVA. Cheaply made. My aircondgitong and heating also stopped working in the car which was going to cost over $2000 to fix.. The electronics of the car was screwed. My airbag light came on all the time, my clock turned off randomly, when i closed the boot of my car the back wiper ...

Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta Stock image

Douglas Meuross Good balance between price, driving pleasure, aesthetics. some may go for cheaper and boring rides but you should enjoy life!

Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta Stock image

Nat Won't be selling for a while.

Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry Stock image

Hayley Zaborski Besides the inferno orange rz Camry being observed more by police. It is a reliable and affordable car to own. I won't be getting a bright colour next time.

Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta Stock image

David Bibo Not worth the price.

Hyundai iMax

Hyundai iMax Stock image

Philip Hodges Overall it is better than the others due to it being diesel and that there is less servicing.

Mazda E2000

Mazda E2000 Stock image

CHRISTO At 50yo we are both still working full time so not quite Grey Nomads but this has been a great way of preparing to hit the long distance hauls.I know we could have spent over $100000 on luxury motor home but this is great. Never regret buying a LWB pop top ......fantastic

Toyota Kluger

Toyota Kluger Stock image

Pete A A great, reliable car. Have no idea what I would replace it with, as I have never owned a car before that has had such a level of reliability since we purchased it nearly 10 years ago,

Subaru XV

Subaru XV Stock image

Susan Mackenzie So happy with our decision to buy a Subaru, strongly recommended by family and friends. The sales, service and spare parts teams give you real confidence in your choice. Should have got one much sooner!

Audi A3

Audi A3 Stock image

Ryan Can't fault the car. Beautiful design, luxurious interior above its class, superior comfort and road handling manner, as well as reliable and economical to run. Being my second car from the VAG family, which has been reliable, this one is surely a keeper for years to come...

Toyota Prius C

Mrs Blanche Sullivan Iam delighted with the rius c. I only changed cars becauseI had my first accident in the Camry Hybrid which had only 7,000Ks. Wasn't happy that the insured amount wouldn't allow me to look at the Camry hybrid and I did have a Praius when they were first released. Much improved now and I must say ...

Ford Capri

Ford Capri Stock image

Doug Algie After the paint job and when it's all together, it's going to be a big part of me, so although it's not perfect, I'll be pretty stoked with it because I've done most of it myself! Bottom line though....... Never again as it was a bad idea from the start to restore my own car!

Toyota RAV4

Toyota RAV4 Stock image

Charles Bertelsmeier I have been a manual driver all my life, but had to buy an automatic so I could share drivers. The diesel matched with the auto is fantastic (except for the turbo delay). None of that changing two gears and screaming its head off when you accelerate hard. When you put your foot down it just ...

Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V Stock image

Neville b. Crocker My Honda CR--V is comfortable, easy to clean and great for town or long distance trips.. IT is at least equal to the 9 prestige cars that I have owned.

Hyundai i40

Hyundai i40 Stock image

Greg Holloway Great value for money stylish,comfortable,grunty turbo diesel family wagon, save a bundle on new cost,thoroughly recommend to any prospective buyers. Before you buy another brand/SUV if you only have 3 kids and/or a large dog do yourself a favour and try one out before you buy.

Volkswagen CC

Volkswagen CC Stock image

Greg First class

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Jeep Grand Cherokee Stock image

Ross Helson This is a great towing vehicle The voice activated Phone Works really well [best feature] Very good looking .Has good proportions Drives as good as 2011 ML 300cdi Amg Sports-$80K+

Toyota 86

Toyota 86 Stock image

Kyle Believe the hype. There are faster cars, there are grippier cars and plenty of cars that look better when judged on performance figures alone but if you want to enjoy driving again, buy an 86. It makes you feel alive, connected and passionate about driving. You don't need to be a rev head or a hoon ...

Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V Stock image

Steve First time I've purchased a Honda. its a great car and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anybody looking for a medium sized SUV.

Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry Stock image

Danniel Pymble As a purchase based purely on facts and figures, the Camry Altise makes for a worthy purchase for a family runaround, if you can overlook the omission of key safety features. It is cheap to maintain, simple to perform DIY servicing and very reliable. As a purchase that factors in the heart and ...

Lexus IS300h

Lexus IS300h Stock image

Rob The F-Sport has a couple of quirks in that you can have lane departure or auto high beam... The lane departure was a particular disappointment. If you are looking for a fuel efficient unit with more bells and whistles than you will know what to do with then have a look at this over a 320d or a ...

Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen Polo Stock image

Chris Very nice car tainted by poor customer service of dealerships. Delivery times VERY frustrating (12 months+ on occasion) and often blatant lies from sales people. 'No base level TSIs in white available in Western Australia'. 5 minutes online and find one at another dealership!?! After going to that ...

Land Rover Discovery 4

Land Rover Discovery 4 Stock image

Vin As an all rounder it's simply unbeatable. Seats 7 in luxury on and off road, drives exceptionally well for its size and swallows everything including the kitchen sink if it's called for. The best car we've owned and I've had many Audi's, VW, and some Japanese cars in between.

Nissan Tiida

Nissan Tiida Stock image

Fabian This car has been owned since 2009 by my then (now wife) girlfriend, whereby I've taken much ownership in its mechanical and aesthetic care since 2011 (yes I'm a tech/motor head, she's not). Quality of Nissans in the small things has fallen off in recent years (dodgy A/C button, which I manually ...

Mitsubishi Outlander

Mitsubishi Outlander Stock image

Arthur Rennick I was very apprehensive about the decision to trade my 2011 Falcon XR6 and downsize to a 2litre engine. The primary reason to buy the Outlander was my wife's difficulty getting in/out of the XR6 (due to back injury). I had to make a big effort too, but the Outlander has earned 10/10 for access for ...

Mercedes-Benz B180

Mercedes-Benz B180 Stock image

Matthew Barker Overall the Mercedes Benz B180 is a fantastic car, though it has flaws, it is overcome by its practicality, quality, depreciation value, reliability , safety, security and overall ride. This car is an honest Mercedes, and you don't find many of them in the world, it isn't over the top, it is ...

Honda Odyssey

Honda Odyssey Stock image

David Really love this car. Never want to let it go. Will honestly be very sad when the day comes where we need to part. The odyssey after it its not nearly as complete as this model was, and the new odyssey is a different beast altogether more like a Tarago. Feel as though we have the best of the breed ...

Honda Accord Euro

Honda Accord Euro Stock image

Nick Pretty damn good. Some minor quality issues and not the cheapest to run offset by the comfort and driving satisfaction, overall so far so good!

Fiat 500

Fiat 500 Stock image

Nathan Kendal Great little car, appears to be selling well and the Aussies finally appear to be cottoning on to the joys of little runabouts. It's not a car for the highway, road trips or big long hills, but in the city it is perfect. Who needs a V6 when surfing between traffic lights and speed cameras?

Mazda 2

Mazda 2 Stock image

Rohan After owning this car for half a year we are still really happy with it. We love the way it drives, that it has been 100 reliable and teh car's comfort over long distance driving. We'd recommend it to anyone looking for reliable, well built transport that is fun to drive - its nimble and is ...

Toyota 86

Toyota 86 Stock image

Nathan Baird Love the car, it's fun to drive and looks great. Would jump at the opportunity to get a slightly larger engine in the car.

Skoda Fabia

Skoda Fabia Stock image

Mandy Keevers If you had of asked me a week ago about the car I wouldn't have said a wrong word, I was in love with it. Now that the EPC cable has gone twice within 24 hrs not so much. If the car is under warranty they only replace one cable. If however, you are paying for it they replace all four. What worries ...

Holden Adventra

Holden Adventra Stock image

Brian O'Donnell Overall a good car, I would buy another, was annoyed by the warranty problems, would have been most unlikely in a Japanese car. For rough road use is let down by the low profile tyres.

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