Cindy Mitchell, Veronica Wensing and Penina Huho. Click for more photos

No Sweat Fashions, July 2

Cindy Mitchell, Veronica Wensing and Penina Huho. Photo: Lyn Mills

  • Cindy Mitchell, Veronica Wensing and Penina Huho.
  • Fran Treuen, Sue O'Hara, Chris Dellit and Louisa De Smet.
  • Alison Abernethy, Nikki Hogan and Nerida Gill.
  • Sue Salthouse and Joy Easter.
  • Jan Easter and Nurcan Kurtoglu.
  • Joan Palmer and Marylou Minty.
  • Krishna Sadhana, Wendy Prowse and Mick Doyle.
  • Steve Wright and Cate Shaw.
  • Bags for everything.
  • The twist bowl from the No Sweat Project.

No Sweat Fashions sounds like going naked in the heat and the "No Sweat" line is a classic throwaway when "it’s not a problem". But the establishment of this not-for-profit enterprise arises from a worldwide need for sweat shops to be eliminated. The insatiable global pursuit of cheap fashions results in cheap labour and tragic outcomes for the most vulnerable women who work for a pittance to produce it.

To showcase the success of the local enterprise that employs trains and encourages migrants and refugees in the garment industry, there was a show and tell at Digress Restaurant in the city. One display and for sale were limited edition products designed and created by the team. There was a professional presentation that marked a major milestone for an enterprise that is striving to be self sufficient and sustainable as well as providing a formal qualifications for the participants through a partnership with the CIT.

All were in bright bold colour combinations. Then the most fascinating of origami like bowls made from a stiff linen like fabric in beige with a black border that with a twist turns into a bowl for all manner of things. Your knitting wool, maybe fresh bread, to tidy up the make-up in the bathroom or jewelley on the dressing table.

But my favourite is just a piece of fabric. It's tie dyed in navy and white, and hemmed, and is that wardrobe staple of fabric that turns into a scarf, shawl, sarong or dilly bag. It's a must when travelling to replace the bathrobe, and double up with blingy bits and perfect sandals for a beach party. I’ve even used one as a sun and wind shelter watching the wind surfers in Noumea. Have a look online and support them, this is where No Sweat Fashion is leading the way, so spread the word.