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SIDS and Kids: Dash of red lunch

The lunch at the Restaurant @ CIT was a networking and fundraising opportunity.

If wearing red could stop SIDS we’d gladly do it, every day. As we would for all the colour coding of insidious diseases that we pin on ribbons for throughout the year. But the loss of a tiny baby, a healthy happy baby who was tucked up in bed, kissed goodnight and expected to be alive and well the next day, but for no apparent reason died, is for any parent and their family, heartbreaking.

Other than a range of simple steps, such as babies sleeping on their backs, the risk factors give no clear reason for the deaths in most cases and it seems to have been that way for so long. So more research is vital as is the support that SIDS and Kids give to the bereaved families.

With actor Carmen Duncan as the guest speaker for this networking/fund-raising lunch at the Restaurant @ CIT, her own experience as a grandmother losing a much-loved grandson to SIDS, is a pain that never goes away.

Carmen is a mum and a grandmother first and foremost. A very elegant and beautiful one whose acting career has had her in the public eye since the ’60s. Of course, Number 96 and A Country Practice are remembered, though her seven-year stint on American TV in Another World is a major milestone.

However, it’s her support for SIDS and Kids, as an ambassador for the Breast Care Centre at the Royal Hospital for Women and her fund-raising efforts that bring her into contact with all those ordinary people for whom a little bit of celebrity can work wonders.  She was once voted the most beautiful woman on TV in America, it’s obvious why, but when she left school she wanted to be a nun.

Now that’s a surprise. June is the major fund-raising month and Red Nose Day is on June 25.