Beverly Everett, Margaret Langford and Pat Ellis. Click for more photos

Veteran Women Golfers’ Tournament, May 30

Beverly Everett, Margaret Langford and Pat Ellis. Photo: Lyn Mills

  • Beverly Everett, Margaret Langford and Pat Ellis.
  • Dee Villarroya, Jenny Humphrey and Gail Howard.
  • Kathryn Macdonald and Kent Donally.
  • Angela Lee and Margaret Thornton.
  • Ruth Kafer and Barbara Silinis.
  • Beverly Everett and Lyn Ray.
  • Pearl Roberts and Wilma Griggith.
  • Shirley Metcalfe, Lesley Maxwell and Meg Hartmann.

Yowani is a picturesque golf course, though the encroaching residential building detracts from the spaciousness.
Fairbairn, on the other hand, is on the other side of the airport. It’s where the RAAF base was but was subsumed into the Canberra international airport precinct, though it is still used by No. 34 Squadron for dignitaries to come and go with all the red carpet pomp and ceremony required.

And behind the buildings is a golf course. That I didn’t know, but Fairbairn Golf Club, formerly the Australian Defence Force Golf Club is 18 holes with lots of mature trees and a bunker shaped as a map of Australia and Tasmania is not forgotten.

This course was created by someone with a sense of the ridiculous perhaps, but for veteran woman golfer, Margaret Thornton, it’s her favourite course and no longer a secret from those who like to putter about somewhere different.
An odious comparison but I can envisage development, lots of it for the Fairbairn course, as the precinct grows before our eyes.

Thornton was among the golfing veterans at the meet-and-greet event at Yowani where tournament hosts the Yowani Women Veteran Golfers got the social side of their long planned two-day tournament under way as part of the centenary celebrations sports program.

We’ve had the glam girls striding the course at Royal for the Australian Women’s Open but this group of golfers who don’t mind the veteran tag are your stayers. The women who blazed a golf trail to keep the sport growing, encouraging the young players and most of all staying fit and healthy. Not so healthy with a bung knee was VWGA president Beverly Everett but the show must go on as golfers from Cobar, Coolamatong, West Wyalong, Armidale and Albury joined locals to chase the little white ball around Yowani.

The glittering prize, and the only time it can be awarded, is the Centenary Cup, but for this veteran group another cup on the shelf is not what it’s all about. The pleasure is in the game, the company and the surrounds.