Harping on: musical prodigy's midlife crisis stage show

Harpist Rita Costanzi in her stage show <i>Score to Settle</i>.
Harpist Rita Costanzi in her stage show Score to Settle

Rita Costanzi was an exceptionally gifted harpist from childhood. "Shame," sniffed friends of her father, the great American violinist Francis Tursi.

A Score to Settle is the story of the life that unfolded behind this most physical and misunderstood of instruments, moulded with Broadway director Arthur Masella into an award-winning solo show that settles into the Butterfly Club from Wednesday until Sunday.

"It's a midlife crisis story," the New York actor-virtuoso says. "There's a fine line between myself and my character: she's very loveable, deluded, over the top. And she's funny."