SMH Live: Behind the Lens


Subscribers joined Herald editor Lisa Davies, in conversation with our photography experts, as they took us behind-the-scenes of the extraordinary images they've captured.

The art of war

Talk Less by Noke.

An exhibition of 20th century propaganda posters offers an insight into the power of advertising

Celebrity artists become brands for the super-wealthy

Quality over fashionability: Gow Langsford's Colin McCahon booth.

Celebrity artists are celebrated for their fame rather than the quality of their work with collectors hoovering up their works like the latest designer handbag or watch at the glamorous international Art Basel fairs.

Jorn Utzon centenary: the Opera House's Greek heritage

Opera House architect Jorn Utzon, pictured in 1966, said: “One of the great features of the Opera House is ... the ...

On the centenary of Jorn Utzon's birth , a reflection on how the architect's vision - modelled on the theatres of ancient Greece - was distorted, leaving Sydney with a magical but flawed sculpture that continued revisions have failed to resolve.

Biennale of Sydney: the perils of community engagement

Primal energy: Miriam Cahn's bau (construction/building).

The joy of watching ordinary people do arty things is no substitute for quality. Aside from a surfeit of community engagement, the 21st Biennale of Sydney presents pieces that, while intellectual challenges for the artists, have little to offer an audience.

Art that's on song

Sound artist Oliver Beer with his exhibition at The Anna Schwartz Gallery.

British artist Oliver Beer invites audiences to contemplate art and even architecture though sound.