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Thorpe's book helped his parents catch up

Amid all the big issues discussed in This Is Me lies the tale of Ian Thorpe's life away from home since he was 14, and his parents are frantically filling in the gaps.

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For Ian Thorpe, his autobiography This Is Me has been a means to give voice to his opinions, feelings and memories on a variety of the issues that have been talking points throughout his career.

It has also allowed him to finally reveal his fight with depression. “I felt too embarrassed to discuss this,” he admits. “It’s the first time in my life where I’m in a place where I’m comfortable to talk about it.”

The book is also serving as a quick catch up for his parents who for reasons of geography have missed out on witnessing a lot of the chapters of his career first hand. “I think my parents are frantically reading through it at the moment,” Thorpe said.

“They know probably 80 per cent of what’s in this book. I have a really close relationship with my family, it’s just I don’t see them that often. I haven’t for a lot of my life. I’ve lived out of a suitcase from when I was 14.”

Thorpe admits he was more likely to try and talk to his dogs over the phone than his family. “I’m not one that picks up the phone and has a chat for hours on end about everything that’s going on because I can catch up on that when I see them.”

The process of writing the book has helped him realise an answer he should have given to one question that has followed him for years. “I could say I’m in a relationship couldn’t I. I’m in a relationship with the water,” he joked.

“I’m very creepy, I like water. We separated for a while but now we’re back together.”