Adam Fulton

Adam Fulton

Adam Fulton is an Arts Writer for The Sydney Morning Herald.

How I unwind: Domhnall Gleeson

Adam Fulton Domhnall Gleeson is going places - and not just by being able to travel through time in his latest film.

How I unwind: Mikey Robins

Adam Fulton A wit and raconteur wrapped in a very likeable bloke, Mikey Robins has been making people smile for decades.

How I unwind: Gareth Liddiard

Adam Fulton The Drones frontman and chief songwriter Gareth Liddiard and the band are now on their second national tour of the year.

Teddy Tahu Rhodes: how I unwind

Adam Fulton His grand baritone and tall, brawny bearing have made Teddy Tahu Rhodes a pop star of the opera circuit and beyond.

How I unwind: Joe 'Hopepa' Lindsay

New Zealand band Fat Freddy's Drop. (Supplied pic, 2013)

Adam Fulton Fat Freddy's Drop are among New Zealand's finest music exports and, in concert, trombonist Joe Lindsay is their most energised member.

How I unwind: Cosentino

the illusionist and escape artist 'cosentino'. (supplied pic 2013)

Adam Fulton Australia might have its answer to Harry Houdini and David Copperfield in Cosentino.

How I unwind: Reg Mombassa

Adam Fulton He's reached lofty creative heights but Reg Mombassa remains supremely down to earth.

How I unwind: Clare Bowditch

Adam Fulton Not only does Clare Bowditch have a name as one of Australia's finest female songwriters, but she's also known as one of the nicest.

How I unwind: John Williamson

John Williamson

Adam Fulton John Williamson has spent four decades playing songs about life in the bush and evocatively chronicling its colours and characters.

How I unwind: Angry Anderson

Rose Tattoo front man Angry Anderson

Adam Fulton Gravelly voiced Angry Anderson is looking to shake up politics.

How I unwind: Kate Miller-Heidke

Kate Miller Heidke

Adam Fulton The term ''quirky'' is overused when describing Kate Miller-Heidke, but it's easy to see why.

How I unwind: Jeremy Oxley

Adam Fulton Jeremy Oxley is the subject of a documentary at the Sydney Film Festival, The Sunnyboy.

How I unwind: C.W. Stoneking

Adam Fulton As musical enigmas go, C.W. Stoneking is up there with the best.

How I unwind: Normand Latourelle

?Normand Latourelle

Adam Fulton Staging big and bold performance spectacles is a speciality of Normand Latourelle.

How I unwind: Kaki King

Kaki King

Adam Fulton Kaki King's inventive style has won her a growing audience in the decade since her first album.

How I unwind: Effie Stephanidis


Adam Fulton Effie has been inducing laughs since rising to megafame in Acropolis Now in the late '80s.

How I unwind: Paul McDermott

Paul McDermott

Adam Fulton Musical shenanigans and smarts have been integral to Paul McDermott's past since his '80s days in the Doug Anthony All Stars.

How I unwind: Chloe Dallimore

Chloe Dallimore

Adam Fulton Currently seen on stage as Morticia Addams, Dallimore leaves darkness behind when winding down.

Going Gaga

How I unwind: Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons of Kiss.

Adam Fulton Gene Simmons of Kiss talks music, movies and creativity.

No peeking, festival favourite ducks out in secret - but it will return

Rubber Duck

Adam Fulton IT ARRIVED to a flap of fanfare involving an elaborate water show and thousands of people quacking with plastic duck calls, but the Sydney Festival's enormous Rubber Duck was to make a secretive exit...