Ben Pobjie

Ben Pobjie

What's on TV Friday: Ace Venture: Pet Detective

Ben Pobjie In Ace Venture: Pet Detective, Jim Carrey has that magical quality that all truly great comedians have.

What's on TV Thursday: Jack Irish

Classy production: Jack (Guy Pearce) and Harry Strang (Roy Billing) in <em>Jack Irish</em>.

Ben Pobjie Who's the white private dick who's a sex machine to some of the chicks sometimes?

My Kitchen Rules 2016 episode 5 recap: Maltese rabbits served with love

Mother and son team Anna and Jordan on My Kitchen Rules.

Ben Pobjie Mother and son team, Anna and Jordan, keep MKR in the family with their Maltese-themed instant restaurant.

What's On TV Tuesday: Here Come the Habibs

Ben Pobjie The show isn't really interesting enough to be incendiary.

What's on TV Wednesday: Bordertown

Seth MacFarlane is one of the producers behind <i>Bordertown</i>.

Ben Pobjie Seth MacFarlane is the progenitor of much of the best animated comedy of the 21st century, in which he has also demonstrated his status as one of the world's greatest voice talents.

What's On TV Monday: Australia's Got Talent

Ben Pobjie dinkus Dinkus

Ben Pobjie Where your average talent show ploughs a narrow furrow, seeking only those with the ability to sing mediocre Katy Perry covers, AGT opens its doors to all comers.

What's on TV Friday: The Doctor Blake Mysteries

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Ben Pobjie Those of us who were diehard Craig McLachlan fans in the 1980s could be a little surprised by the trajectory his career has taken: especially the fact it's a trajectory that involves him still having...

What's on TV Thursday: I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here

Ben Pobjie To be honest, this year's crop of celebrities is a little underwhelming; not because they're not bona fide celebrities, but because so many of them are who we have expected them to be.

What's on TV Wednesday: First Dates

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Ben Pobjie First Dates is a dating show with a difference, and that difference is a restaurant.

My Kitchen Rules 2016 episode 1 recap: Meet the new batch of competitive home cooks

My Kitchen Rules team Monique and Sarah are New South Wales police officers and keen cooks from Mount Druitt.

Ben Pobjie And so another season of My Kitchen Rules begins, and the air is thick with the scent of hope and burnt fish. But the main thing is, almost everybody will end up unhappy.

What's on TV Tuesday: Grease: Live

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Ben Pobjie Like anyone who grew up in the Eighties, I'm a sucker for nostalgia, and one of the most nostalgic memories I have of those carefree days is lying motionless on the couch, watching Grease on VHS.

I'm A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here recap: Shane Warne is on TV, incredible

What an incredible viewing experience it is to see Shane Warne on TV, finally.

Ben Pobjie Has there ever been a more exciting television event than the big reveal of who the contestants are on I'm A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here? Possibly! Who knows?

What's on TV Monday: My Kitchen Rules

Ben Pobjie The period of living hell that Australians call "the tennis being on TV all the time" is over, and we have entered the only time of year that makes life worth living: My Kitchen Rules time.

What's on TV Friday: Stripes

Ben Pobjie A general dissatisfaction with life is writ large on Bill Murray's features in pretty much everything he does.

What's on TV Thursday: Australia's Mega Cruise Ship

Natalie Gruzlewski hosts <i>Australia's Mega Cruise Ship</i>.

Ben Pobjie You're about to have your minds absolutely blown by this groundbreaking program's stunning revelation: ships can be really, really big.

What's On TV Wednesday: Tony Robinson's Wild West

Ben Pobjie Discovering the truth about the Wild West almost seems a shame: the mythology that Hollywood created around the period was so vivid and so enthralling that it might be disappointing to have the...

What's On TV Tuesday: Ice Road Truckers

Ben Pobjie If you think it's easy being an ice road trucker, then Ice Road Truckers (7Mate, 8.30pm) will open your eyes.

What's On TV Monday: New Girl

Ben Pobjie "Oregon" is Episode 16 of Season 4 of New Girl (Eleven, 8pm), so continuing to use the title "New Girl" seems fairly cheeky of everyone involved.

What's on TV Friday: Anaconda

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Ben Pobjie Anaconda is a real jewel: someone pulled together a big budget, a pack of proper movie stars, and somehow, against all the odds, came up with a film as lovably silly as anything featuring zombie...

What's on TV Thursday: Storage Wars

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Ben Pobjie There is an enormous thirst for the ferocious conflicts that arise when people bid for the contents of abandoned storage units.