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Ben Pobjie

My Kitchen Rules 2015 episode 41 recap: Drasko and Bianca's disaster

Ben Pobjie It was a night of crushing disappointment, interminable waits, and revolting tarts.

What's on TV Wednesday: Baggage Battles

Ben Pobjie We really shouldn't bag the battlers of the Baggage Wars ... too much.

What's on TV Tuesday: NCIS

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Ben Pobjie The cheese factor in NCIS gets heavier and greasier – but who doesn't like melted cheese?

What's on TV Monday: Deadline Gallipoli

Ben Pobjie It's true what they say: the first casualty of mini-series is the truth. Just how closely Deadline Gallipoli (Showcase, 8.30pm) hews to the facts, I am not expert enough in military history to say.

What's on TV Friday: The Avengers' first rumble

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Ben Pobjie There are many people who will tell you that the rise of the superhero movie as the dominant force at the box office is a depressing trend in the world of cinema, and a plague on popular culture.

What's on TV Thursday: In pursuit of pleasures of Downton Abbey

Maggie Smith is a charm as the sardonic Dowager Countess in <i>Downton Abbey</i>.

Ben Pobjie In the final episode of the series, will we discover that everyone at Downton died in S1 E1, and they've all been ghosts ever since?

What's on TV Wednesday: It's Unbelievable! Travel back to The Amazing '90s


Ben Pobjie Anyone who lived through the '90s probably remembers thinking how the events of the decade would be a lot more interesting if edited together and interspersed with commentary by chuckling celebrities.

What's on TV Tuesday: A date with The Freak of Wentworth

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Ben Pobjie After two seasons of Bea Smith's slow journey from frightened housewife, to hardened jailbird, to avenging angel, here, two episodes into season three of Wentworth, we see her in full bloom,...


My Kitchen Rules 2015 episode 36 recap: Weepy Rose struggles against clock going 'as fast as usual'

Mother and son combo Rose and Josh took on Drasko and Bianca in Sunday night's <i>My Kitchen Rules</i>.

Ben Pobjie It's weepy mum-and-son combo Rose and Josh versus the feisty trio of Drasko, Bianca, and Drasko’s glasses.

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What's on TV Monday: Game of Thrones returns with slash and show

Ben Pobjie In the 19th century, crowds would line the docks to wait for the arrival of ships carrying the 

My Kitchen Rules 2015, episode 34 recap: Will and Steve knock out Adam and Carol

Carol and Adam receive the news that they have been eliminated from My Kitchen Rules.

Ben Pobjie It’s the age-old battle: the English versus the tennis player, but this time they’re facing off in the kitchen.

What's on TV Friday: The Trip to Italy with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon is one to remember

Curious show: Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan in <i>The Trip to Italy</i>.

Ben Pobjie The Trip was a TV series - and when edited down a bit, a movie - that told the story of a man travelling around Britain writing a series of articles on the country's finest restaurants, accompanied...

What's on TV Thursday: The Checkout fights for consumer rights

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Ben Pobjie Does TV have an impact on the real world, for good or ill, that makes it worth either encouraging as a social good, or decrying as a force for evil?

What's on TV Wednesday: Forever

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Ben Pobjie Ioan Gruffudd plays immortal medical examiner, Henry Morgan, in Forever, a new spin on the detective genre.

What's on TV Monday: My Kitchen Rules

Kat and Andre of <I>My Kitchen Rules.</i>

Ben Pobjie Last week was a scary time for us all: we spent it bereft and disoriented, wandering around in a daze, feeling that a vital organ was missing.

What's on TV Tuesday: The Great Australian Fly

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Ben Pobjie For a creature we spend so much time in close proximity to, we don't really know that much about the humble fly.

What's on TV Tuesday: Tattoos After Dark reveals scars that bind parlour community

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Ben Pobjie In the grand cinema of the tattoo, Tattoos After Dark is the Taxi Driver to Miami Ink's Pretty Woman, or Tattoo Nightmares' The Lorax.

What's on TV Friday: The Graham Norton Show

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Ben Pobjie The Graham Norton Show is based on the dubious premise that people who we only became interested in in the first place because of their ability to demonstrate a particular skill are for some reason...

What's on TV Thursday: Vikings delivers mash-up of history and legend

Travis Fimmel stars as warrior Ragnar Lothbrok in <i>Vikings</i>.

Ben Pobjie Vikings creator Michael Hirst conceived his show as a kind of anti-GoT: the gritty reality antidote to George R. R. Martin's silly fantasy romp.

What's on TV Wednesday: Enchanted Kingdom weaves spell as Idris Elba sets scene

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Ben Pobjie A program like Enchanted Kingdom reminds us of just how fortunate we are that the incredible breadth of human ingenuity allows us to take a look at the wider world in a way past generations couldn't...