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Ben Pobjie

What's on TV Tuesday: Tattoos After Dark reveals scars that bind parlour community

Ben Pobjie In the grand cinema of the tattoo, Tattoos After Dark is the Taxi Driver to Miami Ink's Pretty Woman, or Tattoo Nightmares' The Lorax.

What's on TV Friday: The Graham Norton Show

Meryl Streep.

Ben Pobjie The Graham Norton Show is based on the dubious premise that people who we only became interested in in the first place because of their ability to demonstrate a particular skill are for some reason...

What's on TV Thursday: Vikings delivers mash-up of history and legend

Travis Fimmel stars as warrior Ragnar Lothbrok in <i>Vikings</i>.

Ben Pobjie Vikings creator Michael Hirst conceived his show as a kind of anti-GoT: the gritty reality antidote to George R. R. Martin's silly fantasy romp.

What's on TV Wednesday: Enchanted Kingdom weaves spell as Idris Elba sets scene

An army of ravenous ants in the <i>Enchanted Kingdom</i>.

Ben Pobjie A program like Enchanted Kingdom reminds us of just how fortunate we are that the incredible breadth of human ingenuity allows us to take a look at the wider world in a way past generations couldn't...

What's on TV Monday: Laughs lost as modern-day Odd Couple fails to find right fit

The Odd Couple returns in a new format but with old humour.

Ben Pobjie Sitcom audience laughter, like anything else, is subject to trends and fads.

What's on TV Friday: The Lorax adds bite to green message

Ben Pobjie dinkus

Ben Pobjie A tale warning about the grim future that awaits if people do nothing to protect the environment has great charm.

My Kitchen Rules 2015 Episode 32 recap: Can Jane and Emma 'Shake 'n' Bake' the bearded blokes?

Ben Pobjie It's a titanic battle as we finally discover the answer to the age-old question: who is better at food, people with beards or people who are without beards?

Melbourne International Comedy Festival: Ben Pobjie on the pleasure and pain of creating a new show

Witer and comedian Ben Pobjie.

Ben Pobjie You take a deep breath, you step onto the stage, and you start talking. May God have mercy on your soul: Ben Pobjie on the singular terror and thrill of debuting a new comedy show.

What's on TV Thursday: Australia's World Cup semi-final

Ben Pobjie dinkus

Ben Pobjie The stage is set for a cracking contest as Australia takes on India in their World Cup final quest.

What's on TV Wednesday: Stop Laughing, This Is Serious

Ben Pobjie dinkus

Ben Pobjie The story of Australian comedy is long and sometimes amusing.

What's on TV Tuesday: Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy

Ben Pobjie Over the years, Grey's Anatomy (Seven, 10pm) has strayed a little from its original mission statement.

What's on TV Monday: Melbourne Comedy Festival Gala

Ben Pobjie dinkus Dinkus

Ben Pobjie Every year, for one month, the city of Melbourne becomes a buzzing hive of mirth and merriment, of joy and happiness, of camaraderie and good cheer, of excessive alcohol consumption and frenetic...


My Kitchen Rules 2015 episode 28 recap: One of the few likeable teams must go

It was Sheri and Emilie versus Eva and Debra, and just like <i>Alien v Predator</i>, whoever wins, we lose.

Ben Pobjie It's a sudden-death elimination battle between two likeable teams, so just like Alien v Predator, whoever wins, we lose.

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What's on TV Friday: Oz the Great and Powerful

Ben Pobjie dinkus

Ben Pobjie James Franco stars as a carnival huckster who is swept from dusty Kansas to the Land of Oz in Oz the Great and Powerful.

What's on TV Thursday: The Amazing Race stays the course

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Ben Pobjie The Amazing Race is the greatest reality show ever made. It's got stunning scenery, breathtaking chases in cars and boats, on bikes and foot, gut-wrenching eliminations, frustratingly difficult...

What's on TV Wednesday: Hawaii Five-O

<i>Hawaii Five-O</i>'s Alex O'Loughlin.

Ben Pobjie One can imagine the meeting in which the concept of Hawaii Five-O (Ten, 10.30pm) was devised. The executives and producers were excited, yet hesitant.

What's on TV Tuesday - Making Australia Great: Inside our longest boom

George Megalogenis and Kevin Rudd.

Ben Pobjie "Why are we so great?" is a question that Australians often find themselves asking each other.

What's on television: Monday, March 16, Stars collide for Neighbours 30th

Stefan Dennis as Paul Robinson on <i>Neighbours</i>.

Ben Pobjie There are few Australian cultural institutions as doggedly enduring as Neighbours.


I'm A Celebrity Australia 2015 episode 30 recap: Four contestants become three in lead-up to Sunday's finale

Lord of the Pies: In a way it illustrated the flimsiness of civilisation's veneer, or at least the flimsiness of this show's premise.

Ben Pobjie The tension reaches what passes on this show for a crescendo, as we learn which three weary jungle-dwellers will go through to the grand final, which apparently is something they want to do.

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What's on TV Friday: Pixar's Up animation takes to the skies

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Ben Pobjie The ability of animated films to generate powerful emotions in the human heart has been recognised for many years.