Ben Pobjie

Ben Pobjie

What's on TV Friday: Friday Night Football

Ben Pobjie In the end, the greatest motivator of the true sporting fanatic is one simple thing: hatred.

What's on TV Thursday: Catastrophe

Ben Pobjie Catastrophe is about the ways in which life hurls the unexpected at you, and how you might find a way to deal with it in spite of everything.

What's on TV Wednesday: Utopia

Ben Pobjie Utopia is real satire, of a sort rarely created in Australia.

What's on TV Tuesday: Escape to the Wild

Ben Pobjie The premise of Kevin McCloud's new show is that we can learn from those who would rather do without the conveniences we all take for granted.

What's on TV Monday: Australian Story

Ben Pobjie Nobody could have predicted that this kid, beaten down by the world for so many years, would be the hottest thing in comedy.

What's on TV Wednesday: The Bachelor Australia

Ben Pobjie It's groundhog date night for those "Bachelor" girls.

What's on TV Tuesday: The Great Australian Spelling Bee

Ben Pobjie The most important thing in television reviewing is full disclosure, so I think it only right that I be completely honest with you: I am insanely jealous of the children on The Great Australian...

What's on TV Thursday: Hannibal

Ben Pobjie dinkus

Ben Pobjie It's hard to say what has been the most traumatic event in the life of the tragic hero of Hannibal: was it when his psychiatrist cut his stomach open? Or when that same psychiatrist started to cut...

What's on TV Friday: Richard III: The Burial of the King

Ben Pobjie dinkus

Ben Pobjie The tale of Richard III is resurrected.

Shot by shot

The Story of Salim and Aysha: Auburn deputy mayor's pre-wedding video reviewed

In a dramatic scene from the pre-wedding video, Salim Mehajer is depicted holding and firing a gun.

Ben Pobjie Salim and Aysha made a pre-wedding video, which is, against all odds, an actual thing. Here's Ben Pobjie's take.

What's on TV Monday: The Hotplate

The Hotplate judges Scott Pickett and Tom Parker Bowles.

Ben Pobjie Compelling TV as a handsome young man bullies his father in a kitchen.

Spoilers in the era of binge-watching and a la carte streaming

Jon Stark from <i>Game of Thrones</i>.

Ben Pobjie Has the fear of revealing spoilers taken the pleasure out of watching and talking about TV?

What's on TV Friday: Victory in Europe

Ben Pobjie dinkus

Ben Pobjie History is written by the winners, which may be why historical television programs are usually presented by white Englishmen.

What's on TV Thursday: Sexy Beasts learn how to date

Ben Pobjie TV can make you laugh, it can make you cry, it can make you vomit. But the most special moments are those when TV that simply makes you cry, "What the hell IS this?" Sexy Beasts is such a show.

What's on TV Wednesday: Birth of Empire: The East India Company

Ben Pobjie As the show's title suggests, the East India Company really did turn itself into an empire.

What's on TV Tuesday: Cats Make You Laugh Out Loud

Ben Pobjie I love cats. Don't you love cats? I think one of my favourite things about cats is the way they make me laugh out loud.

What's on TV Monday: House Husbands

Ben Pobjie TV does comfortable awfully well. Edgy, not so much — Australians trying to be edgy often end up coming across like a sixth-grade production of Bugsy Malone — maybe we know ourselves too...

What's on TV Friday: Jonathan Creek

Ben Pobjie It appears the game has gone a bit stale for Jonathan Creek.

What's on TV Thursday: The Bachelor Australia

Ben Pobjie dinkus

Ben Pobjie During a group date at the beach, our beauties are put through their paces in a mini ironman. I didn't make that up – that's actually the Ten Network's description of what happens in this...

What's on TV Wednesday: Bates Motel

Ben Pobjie dinkus

Ben Pobjie Bates Motel shares with the incredible Hannibal the premise of prequel to a legendary movie monster's story.