Ben Pobjie

Ben Pobjie

What's on TV Friday: Australia v New Zealand third cricket Test

Ben Pobjie If Don Bradman could see the grand old game of Test cricket distorted to the point it is being played at night, under lights, with a pink ball, he would roll over in his grave.

What's on TV Thursday: 2015 ARIA Awards

Ben Pobjie Yes, the ARIA Awards can disappoint, but there are several participants that might be draw cards for many viewers.

What's on TV Wednesday: Heroes Reborn

Ben Pobjie Heroes Reborn offers just enough flamethrower hands and mind control to maintain your interest.

What's on TV Tuesday: Katy Perry: The Prismatic World Tour

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Ben Pobjie Perhaps the most telling sign of the changing of the season is the arrival on our screens of programmes such as Katy Perry: The Prismatic World Tour.

What's On TV Monday: Grey’s Anatomy

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Ben Pobjie How can you tell if you're a hospital patient in a TV show? It's pretty simple.

What's on TV Friday: Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope

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Ben Pobjie The most beloved movies – sometimes the best movies – aren't always the most flawless.

What's on TV Thursday: The Amazing Race

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Ben Pobjie Previously on The Amazing Race (Seven, 10.30pm) ... there were bungy jumps, vintage plane aerobatics, Justin being a gigantic jerk, and wild-eyed Alabamian mom Denise rapping in French for about a...

Ben Pobjie experiences the white-knuckle fear of competing on The Chase Australia

Ben Pobjie towers above his teammates in <i>The Chase Australia</i>.

Ben Pobjie Teammates face inadequacy, fear and anxiety in this nightmare, where thousands of dollars are at stake.

What's on TV Wednesday: Inanity charred to perfection on Aussie Barbecue Heroes

Ben Pobjie What makes a Barbecue Hero? I urge you to consider the matter more deeply.

What's on TV Tuesday: Played: Inside Australia’s Failed World Cup Bid

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Ben Pobjie When one looks back at Australia's bid to host the 2022 Football World Cup, the astonishing thing is not that we failed: it's that anyone ever got swept up enough in the hype to believe we ever had a...

What's on TV Monday: Q&A

Leader of the House Christopher Pyne.

Ben Pobjie "Why doesn't Q&A (ABC1, 9.35pm) ever broadcast live from Adelaide?" is a question that literally nobody has ever asked, and yet it is a question that will be answered this week.

What's on TV Friday: Dating Naked

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Ben Pobjie Is there any better way to get to know someone than to see them naked?

What's on TV Monday: SAS: Who Dares Wins

Ben Pobjie Jon is a trainee stuntman. He believes he's not like other people. "What's tough for me is impossible for other people," he says confidently, biceps rippling in agreement. 

What's on TV Thursday: Mighty Cruise Ships

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Ben Pobjie People have been working hard – and drawing enormous salaries – for many years, trying to figure out how to get people to watch TV shows.

What's on TV Tuesday: World's Oddest Animal and Human Couples

Odd couples: A boy has befriended a cheetah.

Ben Pobjie Is there anything more heart-warming than a human being forming a deep and meaningful friendship with an animal that could at any moment bite their face off? It's amazing how close different species...

What's on TV Wednesday: Divine lunacy in Ricketts Lane

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Ben Pobjie Australian TV comedy is much-maligned, and often with good reason – our nation is riddled with the dusty skeletons of terrible sitcoms and hideously ill-conceived sketch shows.

What's on TV Tuesday: Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares

Gordon Ramsay: Can he fix it? Yes he bleeping can!

Ben Pobjie You can keep your cheerful chefs and gregarious gourmets. I've no time for Jamie Oliver's gormless grin, Nigella's seductive stir or Maggie Beer's maternal ministrations.

What's on TV Wednesday: Kitchen Cabinet is good but may not be good for you

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Ben Pobjie Kitchen cabinet is a gentle, sweet-natured show which promotes the myth that getting to know a politician is worthwhile in the first place.

What's on TV Thursday: The Last Man On Earth

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Ben Pobjie Two weirdos have produced a thoroughly weird show.

What's on TV Friday: A Fish Called Wanda

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Ben Pobjie John Cleese is at the apex of the comedy pyramid. In the history of professional mirth-making he occupies the same rarefied air as Cook, Milligan, Brooks, Ball – those people with the essence...