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Real sport is in busting the boys' club

Ben Pobjie Friday night is becoming quite the boon for those who enjoy watching the finest in modern cinema and prefer their movies with ads.


Such reality as dreams are made on


Ben Pobjie Moving out of home is, for most people, a big moment in life, but an inevitable one. It's just something you do, as you move from childhood to adulthood.


X Factor recap: Judges use 'wildcards' to give second chance to ousted performers

Plenty of tears on <i>X Factor</i>.

Ben Pobjie What is the 'wildcard'? That was the question teased throughout Tuesday night's episode.

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The Bachelor Australia: Lip service only in mighty kiss-off


Ben Pobjie OK, I've just gotta say it. The Bachelor Australia is weird. It's not just me, is it? I mean, it's a genuinely weird premise.

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Myth or mad, it's a real jungle out here

Ben Pobjie Reality TV can be divided into three broad categories: People Competing For Prizes; People Doing Their Jobs; and People Who Are Absolutely Bug-Fornicating Insane.

About ready to knock their Block off on Channel Nine

Ben Pobjie Previously on The Block: Glasshouse, a bunch of people moved into an office block, and Scott Cam somehow gained the idea he was funny.

This is not garbage, it's not even close

Ben Pobjie Like all normal, healthy people, my first thought on seeing a show called Men At Work in the schedule was: ''Finally! They've made a television spinoff of the classic 1990 Emilio Estevez-Charlie...


MasterChef 2014 grand final recap: Who takes the money, the trophy, the book deal?


Ben Pobjie Finally, here we are. Who would have thought, way back when this series started, that one day it would end? Yet tonight, MasterChef 2014 reaches its finale, a no-holds-barred culinary extravaganza...

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Cop it sweet, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is really funny

brooklyn nine-nine

Ben Pobjie Cop comedies have been nearly as thin on the ground over the years as cop dramas have been ubiquitous.

Television: Elves and orcs and hobbits, oh my

Ben Pobjie In today's ephemeral, disposable world, filled with instant messaging and snapchats and online gambling, it's easy to forget the important things in life.


Booze breaks open the history books


Ben Pobjie It is often said that comedy reaches its highest expression when it makes you think as well as laugh.

Talent trivial in battle for biggest sobs

Ben Pobjie The most interesting thing about The X Factor is that it hasn't got one. An X-factor, I mean. It's basically Australian Idol but with a twist - and the twist is that it really is basically Australian...


ABC's cosy club unleashes the wrath

Ben Pobjie Do not be fooled: Jennifer Byrne Presents: The Seven Deadly Sins does not feature the veteran presenter in practical demonstrations of sinful behaviour.

Why mess with this maverick?

Ben Pobjie Here's what I don't understand about 24: Live Another Day: why does anyone, anywhere, ever, argue with Jack Bauer?


MasterChef 2014 recap: See who misses Heston Blumenthal's farewell party

Amy with her cheeseball- plums.

Ben Pobjie It's elimination night on MasterChef and someone balls it up quite badly.

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Skulduggery in the corridors of power


Ben Pobjie Nefarious political shenanigans are so hot right now; call it the House of Cards-ification of the televisual landscape, but there's no doubt that The West Wing seems a long time ago when you see the...


Exposing Bigfoot sure to raise hairs

Ben Pobjie Is Bigfoot real? This is the question that has plagued almost nobody's minds for a number of years.


The X Factor Australia 2014 kicks off with jilted-at-the-altar story

<i>The X Factor</i>'s Natalie Bassingthwaighte is nearly in tears.

Ben Pobjie The X Factor. The ineffable 'it'. The je ne sais quoi. That elusive quality that makes one stand out, that marks a person as not just a performer, but a star.

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Big shoes to fill for Feud-wrangler

Ben Pobjie dinkus

Ben Pobjie Family Feud is a format that’s already used up a few of its free-reboot cards.