Ben Pobjie

Ben Pobjie

What's on TV Friday: a mystery for the man behind Sherlock

Ben Pobjie Martin Clunes✓plays Conan Doyle as a brilliant mind depressed by tragedy and springing back to passionate life by the opportunity of solving a mystery and pursuing justice.

What's on TV Thursday: Hannibal the cannibal's third course

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Ben Pobjie Foxtel is a month or so behind anyone who cares to download rather than wait, but it's finally brought us the Season 3 premiere so we can see what happens next.

What's on TV Wednesday: Bob's Burgers takes on Die Hard

Bob Belcher, the Bob's Burgers." />

Ben Pobjie H. Jon Benjamin is a sorcerer, a mystical warlock of voice acting.

What's on TV Tuesday: Arthur Phillip, as no one knew him

Scott Bevan hosts <i>Arthur Phillip: Sailor, Governor, Spy</i>.

Ben Pobjie Unless for some reason we paid attention at school, we know terribly little about Arthur Phillip. The BBC series Banished provides some insight into Phillip's life, as played by David Wenham,...

What's on TV Monday: Lip Sync Battle

Actor John Krasinski.

Ben Pobjie Once upon a time, actor John Krasinski, star of the American The Office, was thinking up ideas for a coming appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

What's on TV Thursday: Banished

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Ben Pobjie It's kind of weird, to say the least, that Foxtel's new series Banished has been made about the first European colony in Australia without including the original inhabitants.

What's on TV Friday: Tropic Thunder

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Ben Pobjie Tropic Thunder is a gloriously manic send-up of Hollywood absurdity, by the very people being sent up.

What's on TV Wednesday: MasterChef

George Calombaris likes to chant

Ben Pobjie A birthday means a special privilege during a day of hard labour on fiddly little pastries for MasterChef contender Rose.

What's on TV Tuesday: House Rules

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Ben Pobjie Gables are the flashpoint on House Rules.

What's on TV Monday: Witches of East End

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Ben Pobjie The Witches of Eastwick was a movie in which Jack Nicholson was the devil. Witches of East End (Eleven, 9.

What's on TV Friday: Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

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Ben Pobjie It can be scary to hear that your favourite book is to be adapted for the screen.

What's on TV Thursday: Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

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Ben Pobjie Just how special are the victims in Law and Order: Special Victims Unit?

What's on TV Wednesday: The Simpsons

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Ben Pobjie The recent news that Harry Shearer will be leaving The Simpsons generated a kind of panic within me, like the thoughts of mortality that arise when you hear that a guy you went to school with has had...

What's on TV Tuesday: The Killing Season

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Ben Pobjie Politicians lie. Everybody knows that. The tendency to distrust politicians is one of the most deeply ingrained in the human psyche, second only to the tendency to assume a politician is telling the...

What's on TV Monday: Q&A

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Ben Pobjie Eight hundred years ago, on June 15, 1215, at Runnymede, King John of England agreed to the Magna Carta, or "Great Charter", to make peace between the crown and the nobles.

What's on TV Friday: Lifestyle program The Living Room has an air of unreality

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Ben Pobjie It feels like a ragtag bunch of maverick underground lifestyle program makers commandeered a camera and a boom mic, and dug themselves into a Friday night timeslot that up to now nobody has noticed...

What's on TV Thursday: Terror in the Skies

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Ben Pobjie One of the things that makes air travel so exciting is the ever-present possibility of fiery death, which makes Terror in the Skies the most soothing thing to watch on TV.

What's on TV Wednesday: Madam Secretary

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Ben Pobjie Elizabeth McCord always seems like she should be on a commercial for headache tablets.

What's on TV Tuesday: Klondike Gold Fever and The Killing Season

Yukon Gold

Ben Pobjie Frontier life and political preening.

What's on TV Monday: How To Get Away With Murder

Annalise, played by Viola Davis, does some of her finest shouting this week in How to Get Away With Murder on Seven.

Ben Pobjie Previously on How To Get Away With Murder (Seven, 10.40pm): there was a murder, with which someone is trying to get away. But how, you may ask, will they do that? Well, therein lies the game.