Bernard Zuel

Bernard Zuel

Since joining Fairfax in 1992, Bernard has been an editor and written on education, roads and local politics. These days, he specialises in music and is the senior music writer and reviewer.

Electronica by numbers

Caribou finds the right equation for emotion in electronica

Bernard Zuel Canadian Dan Snaith is a university academic-level mathematician, not just the electronic artist formerly known as Manitoba but for a decade now the more appropriately Canadian, Caribou.


When it comes to trolling Triple J's Hottest 100, the winner is mockery

Can you hear the mockery from the trolls?

Bernard Zuel If there could be further twists in a story that overstayed its welcome within a few hours of its creation, the almost literally last minute announcement by Triple J that Taylor Swift's Shake It Off...

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A very Australian return

Augie March review: Australia's beauty, pain and awkwardness collide

The comeback: Augie March returned to the Sydney Opera House.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Bernard Zuel In the six years since we last saw Augie March - and thought we'd not see them again as the hiatus looked more like a split - a few things have changed.

Benjamin Booker's blues are worth dreaming about

 Rapid rise: Benjamin Booker says it all fell into place.

Bernard Zuel With a sound that is part Strokes and part old blues, this New Orleans guitarist is already being talked about as the great rock hope.

Music reviews: Pond, Charli XCX and more

Bernard Zuel, Craig Mathieson and John Shand index here no byline

New Orleans guitarist Benjamin Booker's blues are worth dreaming about

Plugged in: Benjamin Booker says even when he was playing acoustically he was keen to crank it up.

Bernard Zuel Part Strokes, part old blues and already being talked about as the great rock hope, this New Orleans guitarist's star has risen quickly.

To the haters

Iggy Azalea is sick of 'buzz' headlines

Despite the online haters, Iggy Azalea has a lot that she's grateful for, including her hip-hop legacy.

Bernard Zuel Haters gonna hate online but she's got a tour, maybe some Grammys and a house to call home so what does it matter what is said about her asks the vocal Australian rapper.

Murphy's law

Is Eddie Murphy serious? He turns to reggae: 'I cover the total landscape of music'

Eddie Murphy.

Bernard Zuel The actor and comedian reveals a love of Bob Marley, the Beatles and even country music as he releases a new single.

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Australian Music Prize shortlist is a tale of two cities and no Taylor Swift

Bernard Zuel The rich and prestigious album prize names the nine candidates for the 10th annual award.

Elastic Heart

Sia Furler's Elastic Heart performance on Saturday Night Live doesn't include Shia LaBeouf

Sia Furler again covers her face for her <i>Saturday Night Live</i> performance.

Bernard Zuel Just when you think Sia Furler has gotten weird enough, the Australian singer and songwriter impressively goes just that little bit further.

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Sydney stories unfold

Perry Keyes live review: Sydney stories up-close and personal

Perry Keyes

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Bernard Zuel This city's masterful storyteller gets to the heart of ordinary lives.

Afro funk grooves

Atomic Bomb! live review: dance like a Nigerian, feel like a Queen

Perfect tenor: Pharoah Sanders, a late addition to the line-up, stole the show.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Bernard Zuel The music of a synth-funk pioneer from Nigeria proves irresistible at At Atomic Bomb! The Music of William Onyeabor.

African sounds

Atomic Bomb! finds a new Africa in the dance steps of the old

Bernard Zuel Ahmed Gallab may lead a show devoted to William Onyeabor's music but he has never met the Nigerian musical pioneer and doesn't expect to.

Music reviews: Lia Mice, Louis Sclavis Quartet and more

Barney Zwartz, Bernard Zuel and John Shand Another Day, Another Time, various artists; Beethoven: Piano Sonatas, Maurizio Pollini; Silk And Salt Melodies, Louis Sclavis Quartet; I Love You, Lia Mice.

Music reviews: Shelby Lynne rediscovers her country mojo

Bernard Zuel Two country singers took a new path and found their voices.

Kasey Chambers' advice on how to stop worrying and learn to love Tamworth's Country Music Festival

Bernard Zuel Ten days of beer, buskers and big engine cars soundtracked by country music. It's Tamworth time.

When two and the blues is more than enough for Royal Blood

Enough: Royal Blood's Ben Thatcher  and Mike Kerr.

Bernard Zuel Brighton's full strength two-piece blues rock band don't need samples, extra musicians or your approval.

Missing treasures

Unheard Kurt Cobain songs to be revealed in new HBO documentary

Kurt Cobain

Bernard Zuel More than 20 years after his death, never before heard songs from grunge rock's leading figure to be aired.

Art rock provocateur

The unexpected roots, and snakes, of the provocative Kirin J. Callinan

Performer Kirin J. Callinan.

Bernard Zuel How the beach not being blond created this inner city musical agitator.

folk crossing borders

Olivia Chaney live review: Folk singer crosses centuries, genres and moods

Balancing act: English singer-songwriter Olivia Chaney's performance spanned languages and continents in the Spiegeltent at the 2015 Sydney Festival

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Bernard Zuel From classical to Chile and back to England, this was folk with a broad interpretation.