Bernard Zuel

Bernard Zuel

Since joining Fairfax in 1992, Bernard has been an editor and written on education, roads and local politics. These days, he specialises in music and is the senior music writer and reviewer.

Chet Faker: Out in the open

Bernard Zuel Nick Murphy, aka Chet Faker, prefers it when his soul is on display.

Jeff Beck's call of the wild

Jeff Beck

Bernard Zuel Jeff Beck, one of the great names of English guitar, a man who walked in the same shoes - in the Yardbirds - as Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page but forged his own sometimes fractious, but never-repeating...

Brave new world

Bernard Zuel In Look of Love, the biggest-sounding, most overtly accessible song on The Brink, an unashamedly accessible second album from Sydney band the Jezabels, there's lust among the airy guitars, soaring...

Songwriter Rodney Crowell releases new album Tarpaper Sky

Bernard Zuel Don't worry, you aren't the only one seeing the name of Rodney Crowell's new album, Tarpaper Sky, and wondering what a tarpaper sky looks like.

Lindi Ortega's comfort for strangers

Bernard Zuel Lindi Ortega's plans for the evening are being slightly delayed by this conversation. The part-Irish, part-Mexican singer of a kind of juiced-up old-school country is preparing to go out to watch an...

Lorde's law: 'I'm a control freak'

Musicians Joan Jett (L) and Lorde perform Nirvana songs at the 29th Annual Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony.

Bernard Zuel The pop phenomenon has a hands-on approach to her career.


Put a cork in it! UB40 accused of deafening sounds

Ali Campbell of UB40

Bernard Zuel What a bad week for lovers of red, red wine. If it wasn't enough that a bottle of the stuff ended the career of Barry O'Farrell, now a band which sang about it, UB40, has been accused of causing...

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Fade to black

AC/DC: Migrant kids who made the long climb to the top of rock'n'roll


Bernard Zuel AC/DC are as good an example of the changing face of Australia in the second half of the 20th century as any restaurant, coffee bar or car dealer's yard.

AC/DC to split: report

AC/DC lead singer Brian Johnson and guitarist Angus Young.

Caroline Zielinski and Bernard Zuel AC/DC may be announcing their retirement as soon as Tuesday, according to media reports. The famous rock band, which formed in 1973, is one of the most popular and highest-grossing bands of all time.

Jason Isbell and Tift Merritt review: Soulful duo put crunch into country

Subject: jason isbell pic 2



Jason Isbell pic 3.jpg

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Bernard Zuel Jason Isbell and Tift Merritt

Kris Kristofferson review: At 78 he still can wow the crowd

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Bernard Zuel As with his mentor, inspiration and drinking companion Johnny Cash, there is something of the grand old man of music and letters about Kris Kristofferson these days.

Kris Kristofferson delivers best of all possible worlds

Kris Kristofferson

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Bernard Zuel As with his mentor, inspiration and drinking companion, Johnny Cash, these days there is something of the grand old man of music and letters about Kris Kristofferson.

Mental notes

Bernard Zuel Nick Murphy remains partially hidden in plain sight behind his impressive beard and the nom-de-production of Chet Faker.

A voice like the wind

Lindi Ortega: Happy to 'embrace the green'.

Bernard Zuel Canadian singer-songwriter Lindi Ortega performs sad songs because they can make people feel better.

Playing by the rules

Bernard Zuel Rather than revelling in despair, Jason Isbell's latest album is about embracing adulthood and the responsibility that goes with it.

On the right track

Bernard Zuel That Jason Isbell has made one of the most attractive sad records you'll hear in Southeastern might suggest someone revelling in despair. In fact, it's the opposite for the Alabama native.

Transit TV

Pop conquering Lorde has no plans to take up Game of Thrones

Lorde and Arya Stark.

Bernard Zuel Lorde may have her Grammy-award winning song Royals but that doesn't necessarily make her a fan of the kings and queens of Westeros.


London Grammar the latest band to earn political kiss of death

London Grammar's Hannah Reid.

Bernard Zuel Oh dear, poor London Grammar. The young English trio may be one of the most talked about groups in Britain but they may have been given the kiss of death.

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Ball Park Music review: Geek pop with a grab-me-now heart

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Bernard Zuel I was asked a fair question during this show by someone who had left her near-death-with-lurgy bed on the northern beaches to be here: 'How could anyone be at this gig and not be happy?'

Through the years

Bernard Zuel We recognise the ubiquity of the internet; the curiosity of those on it and the insatiable need to be constantly stimulated which supposedly marks the benighted generations.