Bernard Zuel

Since joining Fairfax in 1992, Bernard has been an editor and written on education, roads and local politics. These days, he specialises in music and is the senior music writer and reviewer.

Holly Throsby has released <i>After a Time</i>, her first album since 2011.

The pleasures of not thinking

Sometimes not thinking is the best way to feel music and the same goes for writing it says Holly Throsby, who almost gave it up to be a novelist.

Jake Clemons stepped into his uncle's shoes in the E Street Band but has a quiet solo career happening too.

Front man, Big Man, every man

Whether it's his new solo album or the hours on stage with The Boss, this "nephew of" has picked up plenty on what it takes to be a front man, a Big Man and an every man.

Nick Murphy – the producer/singer/electronic soul artist formerly known as Chet Faker – sounded more rock 'n' roll than ...

Stop making sense

A festival which is not about sense or suitability works for just that reason.