Michael Idato

Michael Idato

Michael Idato is a Senior Writer based in Los Angeles for The Sydney Morning Herald.

Playing ball

CNN job cuts as Turner Broadcasting trims 10 per cent of workforce worldwide

Michael Idato The US media company Turner Broadcasting will shed an estimated 1475 jobs in the wake of a new rights deal for US basketball.

Spooky prophecy

Twin Peaks will return, fulfilling Laura Palmer's 25-year prophecy

Kyle MacLachlan as FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper.

Michael Idato In one of the final scenes of the iconic 1990s television drama, murdered American schoolgirl Laura Palmer said: 'I will see you again in 25 years.' Now she will.

Crime and crusaders

Crime and crusaders: America's surprise new TV hits heading our way

Tea Leoni in <i>Madam Secretary.</i>

Michael Idato More than half of the new TV season's most promising shows have launched in the US and are drawing big audiences, despite a mixed reception from critics.


Melissa George to repeat The Slap in the US

Repeat: Melissa George reprises the role which won her a peer-voted TV Week Logie Award for outstanding actress.

Michael Idato Melissa George joins the US remake of the award-winning The Slap, reprising her role as Rosie.


TV's Dallas hangs up its Stetson for the second time

Larry Hagman, Linda Gray and Patrick Duffy.

Michael Idato The rebooted version of Dallas, the iconic television soap opera, has been cancelled.


The Bachelor: true love was never the point

Blake Garvey, The Bachelor Australia Season 2

The Bachelor, Series 2, Blake Garvey.jpg

Michael Idato A happy ending is almost irrelevant in the world of television, as proved by The Bachelor's outcome.

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Tom and Jerry racist? Episodes will carry warnings about ethnic and racial prejudices


Michael Idato 'These animated shorts are products of their time,' Amazon and iTunes viewers will be warned.

Star Wars Rebels: Star Wars lives on in animated form

In the wars: <i>Star Wars: Rebels'</i> Dave Filoni is reliving childhood memories.

Michael Idato Star Wars: Rebels executive producer Dave Filoni talks to Michael Idato.

Kiss and tell

Transgender role in Sons of Anarchy changes actor

Breakout star: Walton Goggins as Venus Van Dam draws the tough men in <i>Sons of Anarchy</i>.

Michael Idato As the television series Sons of Anarchy, whose narrative has been built on the exploration of masculine archetypes, draws to a close, there is an unexpected and elegant irony to the fact that the...

Sleek crime thriller

How To Get Away With Murder breakout hit among new US TV shows

Viola Davis stars in <i>How To Get Away With Murder</i>.

Michael Idato This sleek, intriguing crime thriller may emerge as sleeper hit of the new US TV season.


Netflix turns sights to cinema with Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon sequel

Zhang Ziyi as Jen in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Michael Idato Netflix's plans to release a sequel to Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon online and in cinemas on the same date has thrown US exhibitors into a spin.

Bold move

William Shatner considers Star Trek return

William Shatner has reportedly been offered a significant role in JJ Abrams' next <i>Star Trek</i> movie.

Michael Idato William Shatner may be about to boldly go where he has been many times before, after allegedly being offered a role in the next JJ Abrams' Star Trek movie.

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Network guide: television news

Michael Idato There is tough competition for the 14th annual Screen Producers Association of Australia Awards, which will be announced in November.


Australian actor Xavier Samuel to take on the role of Frankenstein's monster

Xavier Samuel

Michael Idato The movie, set in present day Los Angeles, will star Samuel as Adam, brought to life by a husband and wife who are scientists.

PC gone mad?

Rape 'joke' on Family Guy/Simpsons crossover episode draws fire in US

The Griffins visit the Simpson home when they take an unexpected trip to Springfield.

Michael Idato It hasn't even aired yet and the crossover episode of Family Guy - in which the Griffins from Family Guy meet the Simpson family from The Simpsons - is already causing controversy.

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Drawn from life

Madam Secretary: All power to the working wife and mother

Madam Secretary: Tea Leoni establishes her credentials as US Secretary of State.

Michael Idato From the moment actress Tea Leoni strides into frame as America's tough, no-nonsense Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord in the new drama series Madam Secretary, it's easy to draw comparisons with...

Hit UK drama Broadchurch is remade in the US as Gracepoint

Anna Gunn in <i>Gracepoint</i>.

Michael Idato The producer of Gracepoint, a US version of the highly acclaimed British detective series, Broadchurch, says the new work shares a lot with its predecessor but he hopes the differences will also...

Mark Harmon discusses the new spinoff, NCIS: New Orleans

Mark Harmon: <i>NCIS: New Orleans</i> is ''a hugely rich opportunity''.

Michael Idato Mark Harmon talks to Michael Idato about the new spinoff series, NCIS: New Orleans.