Michael Idato

Michael Idato

Michael Idato is a Senior Writer based in Los Angeles for The Sydney Morning Herald.

Museum piece

Final Night at the Museum pays tribute to Robin Williams

Michael Idato The third and final instalment of the franchise is about letting go, says its director.

So Falcon what?

Star Wars' Millennium Falcon goes from icon to obsession

Lego's Star Wars Millennium Falcon.

Michael Idato How did a new picture of a really old ship end up making so much noise on social media?

Networking: SBS zooms in on Heston Blumenthal

Heston Blumenthal: The Fat Duck restaurant's shift to Melbourne will be the subject of an SBS documentary.

Michael Idato A Michelin-starred restaurant's round-the-globe relocation will be caught in a fly-on-the-wall feature.

Danger 5

Danger 5 comedy: hilarious spoof of movie cliches

Recurring villain: Even though it's set in the 1980s, the second season of <i>Danger 5</i> features Adolf Hitler.

Michael Idato Danger 5 is proud to parody '80s action cinema in its second season, with Adolf Hitler still lurking for laughs.

Mixed bag

Top of the picks for television in 2015

<i>Upper Middle Bogan</i>'s Patrick Brammall and Annie Maynard.

Michael Idato Television's best offerings in 2015 are a mixed bag of war stories, Australia's coming of age, reality TV shows that parachute celebrities into the African wilderness and a mix of strange, hilarious...

Christmas special

Ricky Gervais' Derek Christmas Special is marked as the end

Michael Idato Despite an outpouring of affection from fans, the comedy series Derek looks unlikely to return.

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Christmas special

Doctor Who: Last Christmas sure to be a treat

Hushed reverence: Peter Capaldi as the Doctor in the Christmas episode.

Michael Idato With so many tropes in the Doctor Who universe, making an episode isn't easy, but once a year they are dispensed with during the show's much-loved Christmas special.

Pump up service

Netflix boss Ted Sarandos says TV ratings are the enemy of quality programming

Netflix and other streaming services have been blamed for a decline in traditional TV viewing.

Michael Idato Television ratings have crushed quality television by building a culture in which networks are dependent on numbers, according to Netflix boss Ted Sarandos.

Streaming service

Watch the Olympic Games 2016 on streaming digital channel

Television first: The Olympics are to get year-round coverage.

Michael Idato The International Olympic Committee is launching a digital Olympic TV channel.

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All change?

Could the next Doctor Who be a woman?

Who knows? Current incumbent Peter Capaldi may be followed by a female Doctor.

Michael Idato Is there a lady doctor in the TARDIS? Doctor Who producer Steven Moffat says that may well be some time soon.

Streaming service

Presto announces TV series such as Wentworth, Home & Away and Packed to the Rafters

Danielle Cormack in the critically acclaimed Wentworth.

Michael Idato The Seven Network and Foxtel joint venture Presto Entertainment has made its first content play, confirming a suite of programming that will be available on the streaming service when it launches...

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Streaming rival

Seven Network signs deal to partner Foxtel on Presto streaming service

Seven West Media Limited CEO Tim Worner.

Michael Idato The Seven Network has joined Foxtel as a joint venture on the pay TV platform's streaming service Presto.

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Fairfax and Nine do Stan deal with CBS

The Good Wife is one of the series covered in the new deal.

Michael Idato Stan, the joint venture paid streaming service owned by the Nine Network and Fairfax, has signed an output deal with Hollywood's CBS Studios.

Ridley Scott

Exodus director Ridley Scott on brotherhood and the Bible

Ridley Scott with Christian Bale on the set of <i>Exodus: Gods and Kings</i>.

Michael Idato The master of the smart blockbuster opens up on his life's triumphs and tragedies.

Super-villain casting

DC Comics' Suicide Squad casts Margot Robbie, Jai Courtney as villains

Margot Robbie is set to star as the girlfriend of the Joker.

Michael Idato Australian actors Margot Robbie and Jai Courtney have booked two of the six lead roles in the upcoming Warner Bros blockbuster film Suicide Squad.

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New playmaker

US giant Sony Pictures pushes into Australian TV market

<i>Love Child</i> on Nine starred Mandy McElhinney as Matron Bolton.

Michael Idato The US studio Sony Pictures Television has bought the Australian production company Playmaker Media in a move which gives the production and distribution giant a major foothold in the Australian...

Series return

House of Cards season three launch date revealed

Kevin Spacey

Michael Idato The third season of the critically acclaimed drama House of Cards will launch in the US on February 27, 2015.