Michael Idato

Michael Idato

Michael Idato is a Senior Writer based in Los Angeles for The Sydney Morning Herald.

Glee star Chris Colfer 'sacked' on Twitter after having account hacked

Michael Idato Fans of Glee star Chris Colfer were stunned overnight when the 24-year-old actor announced on Twitter that he had been let go from the series which made him a star.

Dominic Monaghan channels Steve Irwin in the Wild Things

Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan.

Michael Idato You could be forgiven for thinking Dominic Monaghan owes more to David Attenborough than Laurence Olivier.

Wright or wrong

Wright or wrong: How much is an Oscar worth?

Anne Hathaway kisses her best supporting actress award for <i>Les Miserables</i> in 2013.

Michael Idato Academy fires off lawsuit over $US80,000 ($85,000) sale of iconic statuette by the family of a 1942 winner, Joseph Wright.

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The great TV robbery: Iran rips off Modern Family, minus Cam and Mitchell

modern family

Michael Idato Television is a ruthless business: if you can't buy the rights to a show then the business plan generally goes that you simply copy it anyway.

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Russia vetoes House of Cards from filming at the United Nations' Security Council chamber

kevin spacey, house of cards

Michael Idato The bard himself could not have written the scene better: Frank Underwood, the Machiavellian mastermind of House of Cards, in the United Nations security council chamber and seated at the table where...

Halle Berry joins TV's golden age in astronaut drama Extant

Dilemma: Halle Berry plays astronaut Molly Woods, who returns pregnant from a year-long solo mission.

Michael Idato With the mesmerising manner of an old school film star, Halle Berry seems the very personification of the dramatic migration of film actors, writers and directors to television, the new wave which...

Season 6

Axed comedy Community gets season 6 comeback on Yahoo Screen

<i>Community</i> gets sixth season on Yahoo.

Michael Idato The US television comedy Community has defied the odds by securing its resurrection on the online platform Yahoo Screen.

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First Wives Club stage musical heading to Broadway, with Oz director Simon Phillips

First Wives Club

Michael Idato The 1996 comedy film The First Wives Club is poised to follow Priscilla, Sister Act and Legally Blonde by taking the leap from the big screen to the Broadway stage.

Lance Armstrong and 'that' confession

Michael Idato dinkus

Michael Idato You can't keep a good TV idea down, even if the retread misses the mark by a mile.


Modern Family goes global: meet Chile's Familia Moderna, Greece's Moderna Oikogeneia

Look kind of familiar? ... It's <i>Familia Moderna</i> (Chile).

Michael Idato While their trip to Australia may not go down as the finest moment in the five-year history of the hit US comedy Modern Family, the show's producers have ambitiously cast their eyes further afield.

Vale Greg Coote

Hollywood mourns Australian pioneer Greg Coote

Australian Greg Coote, who was a respected deal maker in Hollywood, has died aged 72.

Michael Idato One of Hollywood's pioneering Australian identities, the producer and deal-maker Greg Coote, has died after a battle with cancer aged 72.

The perils of modern dating

Michael Idato Blake Lee, Bruce Santino and Craig Frank on how ten lead character is just the right amount for Mixology.

Resurrection's humanity

Michael Idato Omar Epps and Devin Kelley on how the ideas behind the show Resurrection, taps into every part of our humanity.

S.H.I.E.L.D. and the culture of secrets

Michael Idato Clark Gregg and Chloe Bennet discuss how Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D plays on the modern problem of information and its importance to the public.

Under the Dome

Stephen King relishes Under the Dome on the small screen

Dean Norris in Under the Dome.

Michael Idato Stephen King shifts slightly in his chair. He's pondering. The oft-asked question of television's so-called "new golden age" has been put to him, and he's contemplating.

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Andy Serkis

Planet of the Apes revisited

Andy Serkis as Caesar in <i>Rise of the Planet of the Apes</i>.

Michael Idato London was burning when actor Andy Serkis landed in his hometown on a global whistle-stop tour to promote the release of Rise of the Planet of the Apes in 2011.

First Look: Normal Heart

Michael Idato In the mid-1980s, as a swath of gay men in New York were cut down by HIV – then referred to by many names, but initially, at least, as a strain of gay "cancer" – playwright Larry Kramer...


Andrew Denton

Michael Idato Andrew Denton is to make a (brief) return to television as the focus of an episode of SBS's Who Do You Think You Are?

'Surprisingly awesome'

The Voice coach Will.i.am lauds Australia's 'awesome' singers

Will.i.am photographed at the Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney. News photo: Marco Del Grande on 6th. May, 2013

Michael Idato As the four coaches on the reality TV show The Voice chase talent on the show's cavernous stage, William Adams - better known to his fans as Will.i.

$3b deal

The Voice's Will.i.am dancing to different Beats thanks to Apple's $3 billion deal

<i>The Voice</i>'s Will.i.am is 'very happy' about his slice of Apple deal worth $3 billion.

Michael Idato The Voice Australia coach Will.i.am is to be the recipient of a multi-million dollar payday, thanks to the $US3 billion deal under which the technology giant Apple will acquire audio equipment giant...