Michael Idato

Michael Idato

Michael Idato is a Senior Writer based in Los Angeles for The Sydney Morning Herald.


Michael Idato Three US series have been given full-season orders in a move which keeps five Australian actors employed.


Wake up Ten! Shedding Natasha Exelby isn't the magic bullet

Billboard promotion Ten is now having to replace - Natasha Exelby.

Michael Idato Ten has a much bigger problem than a city full of billboards which now have to be replaced. Given the price tag hanging over the show, its numbers are unsustainable

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Jacki Weaver signs on to Broadchurch remake: Gracepoint

Jacki Weaver to star in <i>Gracepoint</i>.

Michael Idato Australian acting legend Jacki Weaver has been cast in the American remake of the hit British television drama Broadchurch.


Chris Hemsworth: the box office's billion-dollar man


Michael Idato He may have come from humble beginnings in Summer Bay, but Australian actor Chris Hemsworth has confirmed his place as the biggest box office draw in the world.

Magda Szubanski joins US TV series Legit

Magda Szubanski

Michael Idato Australian comic actress Magda Szubanski is joining the US television series Legit, playing the mother of Australian comedian Jim Jeffries.


The true Doctor Who: Tom Baker

Tom Baker as Doctor 


Michael Idato For a generation of Australians, there remains only one true Doctor Who: actor Tom Baker, who played the fourth, and most popular, incarnation of the time-traveller between 1974 and 1981.

Killing Kennedy: Rob Lowe's presidential turn as JFK

Rob Lowe in Killing Kennedy.

Michael Idato Taking on the character of JFK in the National Geographic's dramatisation of the events surrounding JFK's death, was an unusually personal challenge for Rob Lowe, who was not born then.

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Fifty Shades of Grey film release pushed back to Valentine's Day 2015

Dakota Johnson

Michael Idato The Fifty Shades of Grey film will be released later than first planned; moving from the initial August 1 2014 date to Valentine's Day weekend 2015.

Comedy thriller with clever twist

Michael Idato Cross-genre comedies are tough, but the BBC's comedy department seem like a game lot.


Michael Idato Rake star Richard Roxburgh will front the new Foxtel documentary series Outback Coroner.

Enough Said: much left to say for Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Enough Said

Michael Idato Julia Louis-Dreyfus says the emotional truths of intelligent rom-com Enough Said resonate deeply.


Adam Boland: a complex figure

Adam Boland.

Michael Idato He is, by reputation, by record and perhaps even in his own words the crown prince of breakfast TV.


The Simpsons pay tribute to Marcia Wallace


Michael Idato With just a handful of words, the iconic animated series The Simpsons has paid loving tribute to voice actress Marcia Wallace who died earlier this month from breast cancer.

After axing

The Glades' Matt Passmore won't be passed over

Matt Passmore in The Glades

Michael Idato Australian actor Matt Passmore hasn't wasted any time since the cancellation of his US cable series The Glades, securing a lead role in a new series pilot from Nip/Tuck executive producer Sean...

It's Mary, Queen of the Gen Y


Michael Idato Reign is not a historical drama, it's a teen-skewing reboot of the story of Mary, Queen of Scots.


Elle Macpherson, Dannii Minogue lose gigs as Britain's Next Top Model series axed

Elle Macpherson ends on <em>Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model</em>.

Michael Idato The British version of the Next Top Model franchise - Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model - has been axed, a decision that effectively puts Australian supermodel Elle Macpherson and...

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Ellen DeGeneres to produce lesbian-led comedy sitcom


Michael Idato Ellen DeGeneres, the iconic US talk show host and actress/comedian, is producing a new TV comedy featuring a lesbian character in the lead role.


'Notorious' pirated DVD market pinpointed in Australia by US authority

DVD store.

Michael Idato America's film industry watchdog, the Motion Picture Association of America, has fired a broadside at a number of countries, including Australia, which it has identified as "notorious marketplaces...

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Peta Sergeant to star in Once Upon A Time

Peta Sergeant to star in <i>Once Upon A Time</i>.

Michael Idato Having just won a plum role in a hit US drama, you could say Australian actress Peta Sergeant has stepped into a fairytale. Literally.

The Panel

Ten beckons Working Dog for 'least-rich quiz show'

Tom Gleisner.

Michael Idato The Ten Network has commissioned a new panel show from the production company Working Dog, the group behind The Panel, the iconic sitcom Frontline and the improv comedy show Thank God You’re Here.