Michael Idato

Michael Idato

Michael Idato is a Senior Writer for The Sydney Morning Herald.

No glee

TV's way of dealing with off-screen deaths

Michael Idato On January 8, 1982 television's fictional Ewing family gathered in the living room of their Southfork mansion to grieve, finally, for the death of family patriatrch Jock Ewing, played by actor Jim...


On with the show as ABC dramas hit global screens


Michael Idato Selling Australian television to the world. Could it be as easy as ABC?

Ray Donovan

Mobsters Inc.

Paul McCarthy as Tony Abbott and  Julia Gillard as Amanda Bishop

Michael Idato From its opening frames, it is clear there is something very, very different about Ray Donovan (Showcase, Tuesday, 8.30pm). The writing is meticulous, but so is the writing on so many shows.

Dark drama taps into reality TV


Michael Idato The genuinely disturbing Siberia is Survivor meets The Blair Witch Project.


Familiar face, new gig: Ita Buttrose.

Michael Idato The Ten Network turns to its audience to christen the second of its two new daytime talkies.


Wartime woman: Anna McGahan will appear in <i>Anzac Girls</i>.

Michael Idato House Husbands star Anna McGahan will appear in the new ABC drama Anzac Girls.

Remakes without borders

Demian Bichir and Diane Kruger in <i>The Bridge</i>.

Michael Idato Scandi noir continues its conquest with the US version of The Bridge.

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Rafters earns its place in TV history

Final episode of Packed to the Rafters.

Michael Idato For six years, Australia laughed, cried, loved and mourned with the Rafter family.

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Kerching! Seven cashes in with House Rules ratings win

House Rules winners Carly Schulz and Leighton Brow

Michael Idato When the Seven Network says its prayers before bed, it would do well to consider this: the ratings giveth, and the ratings taketh away.

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Asher Keddie

MICHAEL IDATO Offspring star Asher Keddie will play a politician in the new Channel Ten drama Party Tricks.

Melissa George lands role in The Good Wife

Melissa George.

Michael Idato Australian actress Melissa George has landed a role on the hit US drama The Good Wife.


Bert and Ernie are gay? We always suspected, but...

Bert and Ernie, and the cover of New Yorker magazine.

Michael Idato Bert and Ernie. Gay? We always suspected, but we never knew if it was quite true.

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Keeping Uncle Steve happy

Under The Dome (Thumbnail)Click to play video

Michael Idato How do you adapt a Stephen King novel to the small screen? Michael Idato discusses the inner workings of Under The Dome with its screenwriter and cast.


Australian grand dame of TV Maureen Duval dies

Maureen Duval.

Michael Idato One of Australian television's grand dames, the former model, TV personality and breakfast television pioneer Maureen Duval, has died.


Nine maroons Seven with Origin and leadership double

Kevin Rudd win and State of Origin QLD win.

Michael Idato Faced with a choice between politics or sport, you might expect Australians to resoundingly choose the latter.

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Stephen King

On the brink of collapse

Under the Dome on Ten with Mike Vogel.

Michael Idato The master of horror's work gets a twist in Under the Dome as he reveals which films got his stories right in the past.

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Ten over the moon with Under The Dome

Michael Idato Ten has had a welcome, and rare, good ratings result with its fast-tracked US drama series Under The Dome.

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Denton quits

At the end of his rope: Denton switches off television career

Andrew Denton

Michael Idato Andrew Denton has retired from the television industry, confirming his departure from the production company he founded in 1989 and used to launch a slew of TV hits including Enough Rope and The...

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Dean Norris is a big fish under the dome

Dean Norris is a big fish under the dome (Thumbnail)Click to play video

Michael Idato Dean Norris recalls the impression veteran horror writer Stephen King left on the set of Under the Dome. With Michael Idato.


Rachelle an outsider in the dome

Rachelle an outsider in the dome (Thumbnail)Click to play video

Michael Idato Rachelle Lefevre talks about her role in the new sci-fi series Under The Dome. With Michael Idato.