Michael Idato

Michael Idato

Michael Idato is a Senior Writer based in Los Angeles for The Sydney Morning Herald.

Vera Farmiga has a complex relationship with her on-screen son Norman in Bates Motel

Michael Idato A mother-son relationship is at the heart of this Psycho prequel.

Hot Girls Wanted documents how young women are recruited into the porn business

Impulse decisions govern the lives of the aspiring porn stars in <i>Hot Girls Wanted</i>.

Michael Idato A documentary looking at why young women are pouring into the porn industry finds they are driven not by destitution but desperation for freedom, fame and fortune.

Big Bang's big move

Nine to lose free to air TV rights to The Big Bang Theory to Seven

Sheldon Cooper, lead character of <i>The Big Bang Theory</i>.

Michael Idato Which is really bad news for Channel Nine's programming.

Networking: Bindi Irwin to dance with stars; Peter Brock telemovie on way

Deborah Mailman and Elizabeth Wymarra in <i>Black Comedy</i>'s The Housewives of Naorromine.

Michael Idato The latest comings, goings and new shows in the Australian TV industry.

New stage

China, climate change and cricket ... Kevin Rudd makes his debut as a CNN host

Kevin Rudd discussed concerns over China's economy and the challenges of climate change on his first show as guest host on CNN.

Michael Idato With the bouncing-in-his-seat earnestness of a Year 12 prefect, and the slow, carefully measured hand gestures for which he is famous, Kevin Rudd made his debut as an international television host.

Alive and kicking

Review: Utopia, the Walking Dead and the zombies of bureaucracy

Rob Sitch in <i>Utopia</i>

Michael Idato A palpable dread pervades The Walking Dead prequel and the uncannily true-to-life Utopia.

Final Mr. Robot episode pulled over 'similarities' to Virginia shooting

Rami Malek in <i>Mr. Robot</i>.

Michael Idato The American cable network USA has withdrawn the final episode of its hit series Mr Robot, citing what network management describes as "similarities" between events in the episode and the shooting of...

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Grant Bowler on how reality TV helped create Defiance's sci-fi world

Michael Idato While most screenwriters and actors in the drama genre decry the rise of reality television, the Australian star of the US sci-fi drama Defiance, Grant Bowler, would like to offer his thanks.

Q&A: Claire Holt talks Aquarius and working with David Duchovny

Michael Idato The actress talks about taking on and entirely different role.

Notorious drug dealer Pablo Escobar is the villain of Narcos on Netflix

Michael Idato Series dramatises historical events but, unlike most such sagas sticks more to the facts.

Wonder Woman, Jessica Jones and Supergirl mark the return of the TV superheroine

DC Comics' <i>BatGirl</i>.

Michael Idato Though female superheroes have been the postergirls of the comic book world for many decades, the Amazonian princess Wonder Woman (alias War Department yeoman Diana Prince) chief among them, their...

Steve Irwin's daughter, Bindi Irwin, signs on for Dancing with the Stars

Bindi Irwin attends Discovery's 30th Anniversary Celebration in New York in July.

Michael Idato Bindi Irwin, the daughter of the late "Crocodile Hunter", Steve Irwin, is ready for a "beaut bonza" turn on DWTS.

Networking: The Great Australian Spelling Bee back on the agenda

Farewell: Yvonne Craig as Batgirl.

Michael Idato The Ten Network has commissioned a second season of The Great Australian Spelling Bee. The series was launched in August and has become one of Ten's strongest assets.

Purr-fect storm

TV previews: Pets Make You Laugh Out Loud and Aquarius

David Duchovny as Hodiak in Aquarius.

Michael Idato Steer clear of the cat videos; there is still quality drama on free-to-air TV.

Wet Hot American Summer proves you can go home again

Michael Idato It's been called one of the funniest films ever made and one of the worst, but like it or not, Wet Hot American Summer is back.

Fear The Walking Dead: prequel TV series tracks rise of the zombie apocalypse

Travis Manawa (Cliff Curtis) and Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) are part of the human drama in the zombie prequel <i>Fear The Walking Dead</i>.

Michael Idato For the past five years, the critically acclaimed US drama The Walking Dead has been a high watermark, both for the horror genre, and for the success of scripted cable dramas worldwide.

Networking: Stan brings best of Warner Bros to online viewers

Poh Ling Yeow's kitchen prowess is proving a hit for SBS.

Michael Idato With new deals for streaming services and the return of an old favourite, it's been a big week for TV.

Big drama

TV review: tough times in New York and Texas, in Show Me a Hero and Texas Rising

Winona Ryder and Oscar Isaacs in <i>Show Me A Hero</i>.

Michael Idato David Simon's tale of New Yorkers with housing problems is likely to resonate with modern-day Australians.

The challenge of being the real George Hamilton

Michael Idato Actor, icon and tanning advocate, George Hamilton is starring in a new reality series about his incredible life. He tells Michael Idato what it's like to play himself.

Winona Ryder returns for race-charged drama from The Wire's David Simon

Winona Ryder and Oscar Isaac in <i>Show Me a Hero</i>.

Michael Idato Having deconstructed the inner workings of the Baltimore Police Department in the critically exalted drama, The Wire, David Simon is moving into the complexities of politics.