Natascha Mirosch

Natascha Mirosch

Natascha Mirosch reviews restaurants and covers Brisbane’s food news for and .. She is the editor of the inaugural Brisbane Times Good Food Guide .

Faultless French fare with a contemporary twist

Natascha Mirosch Aquitaine Brasserie interprets old standards well.

Brisbane's whiskey (and whisky) lovers, charge your tumblers


Natascha Mirosch Whiskey (and whisky) nerds take your marks. Tomorrow night the doors open on the city's first ever dedicated whiskey bar.

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Good Food Guide: Top 10 steaks

Moo Moo steak.

Natascha Mirosch A steak isn't what it used to be: From dry-aged to spice-rubbed and charcoal-grilled, here is the Queensland Good Food Guide's picks of the top ten steaks in Queensland.

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Cuisine favourites

The dishes I loved: Reviewers share their favourites

Public's KFD (Kentucky Fried Duck).

Natascha Mirosch With the Queensland Good Food Guide reviewers taste-testing their way from north Queensland to the border, through more than 1300 dishes, it's inevitable that the taste of some...

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Top chefs reveal favourite restaurants


Natascha Mirosch While they might have a reputation for being late night junk food junkies, in reality chefs don’t miss the opportunity to check out each other’s restaurants and menus.