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Ron Cerabona is an arts reporter for The Canberra Times.

Blu-ray review: Beverly Hills Cop

Ron Cerabona Eddie Murphy showed he could carry a movie on his own with this 1984 hit – wow, 30 years! – but it's a bit of a mishmash of elements.

Question Time: Laurence Anderson


Ron Cerabona Question Time with Laurence Anderson, doctor, author, filmmaker.

Bygone bachelors – Last Vegas DVD review

Ron Cerabona Despite a foolish bikini contest this amiable, star-studded romp has moments that work.

Question time: Kathryn Favelle

Ron Cerabona Kathryn Favelle, acting director, Community Outreach, National Library of Australia

Sunset Boulevard musical to show at Queanbeyan

Bronwyn Sullivan as Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard.

Ron Cerabona MUSICAL THEATRE Ron Cerabona Making a musical of the classic 1950 movie Sunset Boulevard tantalised people for years.

Lone Survivor DVD review

Lone Survivor on DVD

Ron Cerabona Lone Survivor (MA15+) 4 stars

Meet Kym Degenhart: Canberra dancer


Ron Cerabona Dance studio owner Kym Degenhart talks about her ideal Canberra weekend, and why dance is her passion.

Question time

Question Time: Jerry Hearn

Ron Cerabona The actor has never forgotten how he felt when he landed the part of a pixie.

Did you know about Canberra's first hospital?

Ron Cerabona Canberra's first hospital,  in Balmain Crescent, Acton was completed in May 1914.

Litbits: September 27 2014

Ron Cerabona Hachette Australia will accept submissions of young adult novels in all genres during October.


La Cage Aux Folles will have you in stitches

Ron Cerabona In a show where gender can be a guessing game, costumes and performances were never going to be easy, writes Ron Cerabona.


2015 Arts ACT Project Funding: List of recipients

Sparrow-Folk: Juliet Moody, left,  and Catherine Crowley

Ron Cerabona A comic musical duo and a children's picture-book author are among those given a boost in the Arts ACT round for 2015.

Russian dance show Kostroma comes to Canberra Theatre

Ron Cerabona The Russian national dance show Kostroma is very much a family affair.

Queenie van de Zandt workshop and concert

Ron Cerabona Musical theatre doyenne Queenie van de Zandt returns home next month to help children brush up on their audition techniques and to perform at the final Morning Melodies concert.

Sunshine on Leith DVD review

Ron Cerabona Jukebox musical struggles to prop up weaker Proclaimers' songs.

Question Time: Adam Shand on The Real Chopper

Ron Cerabona Adam Shand, journalist, author.


Canberra Symphony Orchestra's Hollywood magic


Ron Cerabona If you love songs from the movies, a symphony orchestra and a military band, this concert is for you, writes Ron Cerabona.

Litbits: September 20

Ron Cerabona Litbits

Film review

The Maze Runner's an intriguing puzzle

Ron Cerabona Film review: With a hint of Lord of the Flies, this Dystopian young-adult, sci-fi is a mystery worth pursuing.

Wish I Was Here scrubs up fine

Ron Cerabona Film review: Zach Braff's effort is far from a classic movie but it is personal, sincere and likeable..