Funny to the letter

Danny Bhoy is bringing his Dear Epson tour to Australia.
Danny Bhoy is bringing his Dear Epson tour to Australia. Photo: Supplied

The intense feeling of outrage is not unknown to Danny Bhoy.

In fact, the Scottish comedian has been encouraged by his manager to seek help for his "morning cranks", which he routinely expresses over breakfast while on tour.

"[It's usually about] either TV shows or something in my hotel room - anything," he says. "[My manager] said, 'You need to see someone about it.' But then he said 'Actually it's very funny - you should turn it into a show.' "

Danny Bhoy's latest comedic instalment, Dear Epson, was prompted by a letter he wrote to the printer company while in one of his fits of rage. Genuinely distressed by the increasing cost of the corporation's ink, he decided to do something constructive about it.

"I just get so annoyed, I don't know how you can justify charging $50 for a cartridge of ink when you can get it online for $6," he says. "It's just a big scam really. I also don't like the way they keep bringing out new printers, so you have to buy different cartridges for your new printer, you can't use the old cartridges.

"It seems to me in a world where we're trying to recycle this is … a complete waste of ink and money and time."

Still fuming over the issue, Danny Bhoy read out the letter while on stage that night. The audience - many of whom probably echoed his sentiments - loved it.

"It received such an incredible reaction I thought 'hmm, I might start doing this with other companies about things that piss me off,' " he says.

"I started sitting down every day and writing a letter … it could be anything, it's not just companies, it's places and people."

The comedian soon discovered he wasn't short of things to write about, with a whole pool of unresolved issues burning inside of him.

''It's like mobile phones, [companies] keep changing the size of the sim card so you can't just keep using the same thing you've used in the past," he says.

"I think it's endemic of the world generally, but I found the printer companies to be really responsible for a real scam, it's a proper swindle."

12 months on, Bhoy has found the letter-writing experience to be rather therapeutic, much to the relief of his manager. "It's incredible how much better you feel when you just get it all out on paper and send it off. It's almost like closure," he says.

The letters form the basis for the Dear Epson tour, with a bit of stand-up scattered in between.

"That's all stand up is really … people looking at the world and thinking, 'what's up with that, why do we do that?' " he says.

Early in his 15-year career he says paid gigs were rare, and when they came up he jumped at the opportunity - regardless of what it was.

One particular gig stands out as the benchmark for his worst ever.

"It was just a family having Christmas dinner and I had to basically stand at one end of the table and do my routine," he says.

"About five minutes in the gran … just sort of said, 'who is this?' I think she had Alzheimer's or something.

"And the guy was like, 'It's all right mum. He's a comedian'. She was like … 'I can't hear him. What's he doing in my house?'

"It was the weirdest f---ing thing I've ever done in my life."

Thankfully, the comic now performs to sell-out crowds, rather than awkward family gatherings. He will be touring Australia until April 26.

Danny Bhoy

WHEN: Friday, March 15 and Saturday, March 16

WHERE: The Canberra Theatre

TICKETS: 6275 2700, or canberratheatrecentre.com.au