Talent for the ladies, courage for the boys

A group of Canberran dancers are taking off their shirts in order to teach people how to have confidence during the upcoming party season.

After being inspired - and a little threatened - by this year's box office smash hit Magic Mike, Felipe Valenzuela and the "B-Boys" got to work producing a shirtless breakdancing show especially for the ladies of Canberra.

Valenzuela, who has danced with some of Australia's best performers, including Timomatic, has become a fixture on the local dance and fitness scenes. He teaches high-energy dance classes in many styles, including Zumba, Bokwa, Merengue, Salsa, Lambada, Hip Hop and break dancing.

"After experiencing the film, Felipe was inspired to recreate a performance with a club feel, drawing on his favourite hip hop and breakdancing moves," Felipe's Dance Fitness manager Sarah Berenson said.

"When he listened to the ladies gossiping about Channing Tatum's pizazz, his competitive streak came out and he wanted to show Canberra ladies local talent."

He has recruited three other dancers to join him onstage at Digress Cocktail Lounge on Thursday night.


Billie Paea, a 31-year-old world hip hop champion and bodybuilder, and local dancers Paulie Meath and Adam Gill will be oiling up as they limber up for what they are calling their "ladies night" debut.

They not only hope "to get the ladies hearts racing" but want to encourage and empower people to dance confidently on nights out in nightclubs and bars.

While the recently formed B-Boy troupe are still unsure about their official group name they are sure this first ever public performance will not be their last.

"I just wanted to create something new in Canberra," Gill said.

"Give a new twist to the hip hop dance scene and open it up to a new audience. I would like to pick up some traction so we can do multiple shows as we have a lot of great ideas for the future."

"This is the first time we have danced together. We are all from different areas and groups of dance around Canberra. I met Billie and Felipe a year ago and I met Paulie only five weeks ago."

A Shirtless Night of Breakdancing starts at 10pm at Digress Cocktail Lounge. Tickets are available on the door.