Holy Smoke: Sydney goes superhero crazy for free comics

Holy Smoke! The Ed wants to cover Free Comic Book Day...

OK - to Kings Comics in Pitt Street - and quick!

Catwoman Imogen Suey waits in line outside Sydney's Kings Comics.
Catwoman Imogen Suey waits in line outside Sydney's Kings Comics. Photo: Adam Hollingworth

Jeesh! Everyone's beat us to it...Superman, Spiderman and Batman. It's like a scene out of The Avengers!

Are they here because Sydney is about to be rocked by an intergalactic missile attack?

Fans read their free comics from Kings Comics.
Fans read their free comics from Kings Comics. Photo: Adam Hollingworth

Should we use the Batphone to reach Commissioner Scipione or try and contact the Clover Moore residence?

We'll have to force our way through...SCRUNCH!!! SQUEEZE!** BLAMM!

Catwoman, who straddles the line between good and evil, is amongst the 150m queue of fans all here and prepared to wait an hour to claim their free comic books.

"I've been dressing up for the last few years for every convention and every comic book event - I fly to the Gold Coast and Melbourne," she purrs.

Catwoman (secret identity Imogen Suey, 23, from Hornsby) reveals it takes half an hour to get into her latex suit - assisted by a dusting of cornflour.

She adds: "Latex it quite comfortable - you don't realise how hot it was until you get out of it but once you're in, you're in."

Banjo picks serve as claws and the feline green eyes are courtesy of contacts.

She adds: "I am an honest citizen, I don't steal anything - I am a dental nurse."

Stephen Ford, promotions manager at Kings Comics said it was the store's biggest queue for any event in 10 years.

"Comics are a great way to develop your imagination and really have some fun and excitement when you are reading - that's why you see Hollywood jumping on to the bandwagon," he said.

"The Avengers has been huge, it has surpassed all the other Marvel movies. We have had people in the last week raiding our shelves for Hulk comics, Ironman comics - I haven't seen it like this since 1989 when Batman came out. It has really has excited people's imagination and is getting them back into Superheroes."

New Batman and Spiderman movies in July as well as the release of Tim Burton's Dark Shadows, a comic from the seventies, will all serve to pump up the already steroid-filled muscles of the comic book industry.

He adds: "We are selling more comic books than ever before - digital is helping our business. Its getting the stories out there and then people are coming in and buying the comics."

The readership once 90% male and 10% female is closer to a 60-40% with more women attracted through science fiction and fantasy titles he said.

OK - time to zap the

story back to Ed via intergalactic phone (iPhone). It's gone and in the best superhero tradition, with just seconds to spare before the deadline.

Just one riddle we can't unravel Ed...exactly why did Batman wear his underpants outside his trousers?