Melinda Houston's TV picks



8.30pm, ABC

While the behind-the-scenes politicking of chambers continues to gather pace, it's the courtroom that's firmly the focus tonight as Clive and Martha once again face off from opposite sides of the bench. The defendant is more than willing to plead guilty to assisted suicide. Clive is prosecuting her for murder. And in this cleverly conceived and written piece, both sides of the argument have considerable merit. Even better, while the intellectual and ethical aspects of the story are handled with great thoroughness and intelligence, that conversation never gets in the way of the drama. Great stuff.




9pm, SBS 2

This is the final episode of the first season but if you're a fan, don't panic. SBS is rolling straight into season two next week. (Yay!) And if you were wondering if the drunk people were actually drunk people, or simply very good actors, the answer is: both! That is, actors with a prepared story – who then proceed to get very, very drunk on camera. It's a perfectly absurd concept but it works sublimely, injecting colour and humour into true tales of American history which tonight cover everything from the rise of Dolly Parton to the fall of Lewis and Clarke.



7.30pm SBS One

When Shane Delia wonders – on constructing tiny little pasta cases filled with spiced meat – just how many he'll have to make in order to "fill his guts", that kind of sums up the pleasure of this series. He's a great, hulking bloke from Melbourne's less-than-fancy suburbs who clearly loves a good feed. He's also an extremely accomplished chef, capable of constructing tiny little pasta cases filled with spiced meat, first in the traditional style of the Kayseri region of Turkey, and then reinventing them back home in his restaurant kitchen. It's a lovely combo, and Delia's enthusiasm is always infectious.