Melinda Houston's TV picks


3 stars

9.20pm, SBS2

After last week's cracking opening episode, I could not resist coming back for a second look and while this is not quite as strong – a lot of the same ground is covered – it is still an awful lot of fun. Two strands propel the narrative tonight. For both business and philosophical reasons, Love Honey has declared a "rabbit amnesty", inviting customers to return their used appliances (the one made famous by Samantha in Sex and the City) for enviro-friendly recycling. And to fill the gap, as it were, they are also running a competition in which customers can design their own sex toy. Once again, the frankness and humour with which all these matters are discussed is delightful, and the result is both funny, and enlightening.


2.5 stars


6.30pm, Eleven

Look! What's that? Is it the kitchen sink? This week a tornado hits Erinsborough (yes, that's right, a tornado) and as well as a great deal of debris being flung about, the writers have also taken the opportunity to cram pretty much everything else into just five 22-minute spots. A life hangs in the balance, then is saved, leaving the saviour struggling with the mildest case of PTSD ever. A terrible secret – seeded some months ago – finally comes to light, plunging two families into chaos. There are baby animals. There are arguments and reconciliations. And, while it is great to see an indigenous actor finally make an appearance in Ramsay Street, was it really necessary to make him gay, and psychology unsound as well?


3.5 stars

6.30pm, Ten

Rove McManus is an interesting character. He is so determinedly boyish, it is easy not to take him seriously, but not only has he built an exceptionally successful entertainment business – both off his own back and through his production company – seeing him here on The Project reminds us what a talented bloke he is in his chosen field. The rotating crew behind The Project desk amply demonstrates that hosting a show such as this is not as easy as it might first appear. Rove makes it seem effortless.