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Actor David Wenham's directorial debut not the film he planned to make

As far as directorial debuts go, Australian actor, David Wenham’s kicked off to a shaky start.

The acclaimed actor spent six years developing an original script, which he described as a “portrait of loneliness”, before it fell over last minute, leaving him with two actors and a small budget in his hometown of Kings Cross.

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Wenham, whose recent credits include Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, the Oscar-nominated Lion and Stan series Romper Stomper, said he spent a restless night trying to work out what to do before deciding to try his hand at an experimental seven-day, no script feature.

Ellipsis is a left-of-field production,” he said.

“It is not the film I planned to make but ... I thought because I have two actors we would make an experimental film.

“I have always wanted to make an experimental film, not experimental in subject but in process, how we actually make films.”


The veteran actor, whose career spans across three decades, said it took three days to come up with a story and workshop it with actors Emily Barclay and Benedict Samuel before hitting the streets of Sydney to shoot for a week non-stop.

Ellipsis follows two strangers who bump into each other at a pedestrian crossing who end up spending the rest of the afternoon and evening in each other’s company, soaking up Sydney’s sights.

“I shot it in Sydney all within 500 metres of where I live, I know the area like the back of my hand, which is Kings Cross,” he said.

“I know the world, the feel, the look, I know what happens here so it was I suppose an opportunity to show that sort of world and the people who live and work here through my eye if you like.”

Wenham described the film as a “reference point” to Kings Cross, a suburb which he said was slowly losing its culture.

“My previous film was going to be set there and it was actually going to document the disappearance of suburb because Kings Cross is actually disappearing as we speak,” he said.

“It will be completely unrecognisable in a few years.

“It is going to be interesting in years to come that this film will be a nice little reference point as to what part of it was.”

Ellipsis will make its Queensland premier on February 8 at the Gold Coast, presented by the Gold Coast Film Festival and Asia Pacific Screen Awards as a prelude to the upcoming Gold Coast Film Festival.Screenings will be held in Melbourne at Cinema Nova on February 11 and in Sydney at Event Cinemas George Street on February 14.