Menashe Lustig as Menashe and his son Rieven as Ruben Niborsk.

The story behind the film Menashe

Director Josh Weinstein discusses his fascinating new film Menashe, which is based on the life of its Orthodox star, Menashe Lustig, and uses mostly amateur actors.

Tattoo artist Billy (Yannis Stankoglou) and singer Tereza (Ksenia Dania) in Amerika Square.

Dissecting the Amerika dream

Making independent films anywhere is never easy, but it's that much harder in a country embroiled in a debt crisis.

Actor and director Stanley Tucci on the set of Final Portrait.

The art of looking

Stanley Tucci, actor and director, has always visited galleries and museums, and always painted so his new film, Final Portrait, about the great Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti seems perfect for him.

Helana Sawires as Dianne and Osamah Sami as Ali in Ali's Wedding.

Our guide to the best of MIFF

The 66th Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF), which begins on Thursday, is a screen summit large enough to be daunting, yet still accessible enough to be inviting. With such a diverse selection of features to choose from, the hardest thing is getting started. Here are eight worthy titles I've seen in advance that can get you under way: