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Hotel Transylvania Rated PG, 91 minutes (Sony) 7/10

Despite the deluge of Adam Sandler films for which the adjectives ''adult'' and ''comedy'' vie to be the least-accurate descriptor, remember that Sandler can also turn his hand to children's movies.

Shunning the Pixar trend of animated movies for all, this Sony Pictures production is a crazy monster romp aimed at children, but it can also be amusing for adults. Sandler voices Dracula, who in this incarnation has turned his castle into a sanctuary for monsters and the undead, who live in fear of the modern world. When his grown-up daughter encounters a rogue backpacker and falls in love, chaos begins.

Hotel Transylvania will be a twofold surprise for parents: the monsters are kept friendly for all ages and Sandler and a star-studded cast are significantly funnier for adults when they try to entertain only children.