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Schlock-horror! Sharknado is headed to town

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Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the cinema, Sharknado – the made-for-television B-movie that ate Twitter –  is taking a bite out of the big screen in Australia.

The schlock-horror movie, about a tornado that sucks a school of man-eating sharks out of the Pacific Ocean and hurls them onto the flooded streets of Los Angeles, will screen at selected cinemas, including Hoyts Woden, on September 13.

Variously hailed and howled down as the ''best worst movie ever'' and making ''Snakes on a Plane look like Citizen Kane'', the deliberately dreadful film became an unlikely global social-media sensation in July when #Sharknado sent Twitter into a 5000-Tweets-a-minute frenzy during its US pay-TV premiere on the Syfy channel.

Starring such B-list Hollywood actors as American Pie's Tara Reid and Beverly Hills 90210's Iain Ziering, the $1.5 million movie has already aired several times on Foxtel's Universal channel.

But selected Hoyts cinemas in NSW, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and the ACT have scheduled  one-off Sharknado screenings for Friday the 13th of September.

The last shark movie to surface in Australian cinemas, the Gold Coast-shot Bait 3D, had great white sharks stalking shoppers trapped in a tsunami-swamped supermarket.

The film flopped at the Australian box office in 2012, selling only $1 million worth of tickets after a savaging by critics.

But the Australia-Singapore co-production was a surprise hit in China, where it took $US26 million.