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Watch the trailer for the ensemble comedy Movie 43.

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MOVIE 43 (MA15+) *

Screening at Hoyts Belconnen and Woden, and Limelight Tuggeranong


When I was 10, the world was beginning its love affair with video and my uncle, always on trend, bought a video store. One side of the store was VHS and the other Betamax, and he stocked the shelves with his two favourite films, The Blues Brothers and The Kentucky Fried Movie, which he watched over and over again while drinking cartons of beer.

His business didn't last, but he is nowadays impressed that I'm getting paid to do pretty much the exact same thing. Memories of sitting with him and watching The Kentucky Friend Movie, a John Landis-directed, silly sketch-comedy flick, stood me in good stead when it comes to understanding what the filmmakers of Movie 43 were trying to achieve.

Movie 43 is a series of sketches that belong on comedy video website Funny or Die, but somehow someone was convinced to pony up enough cash to make this for the big screen. Hopefully they got a tax deduction.

The tenuous storyline stitching this patchwork together sees Dennis Quaid as a filmmaker fallen on hard times pitching film ideas to studio executive Greg Kinnear.

We segue throughout to the story ideas. Kate Winslet has a blind date with Hugh Jackman, a handsome bachelor featured on a magazine cover asking, 'Why is he still single?' She soon learns why - when he takes his pashmina off, he has a set of testicles dangling from his neck.

I know what you're thinking - shocking, that a man would wear a pashmina. But this was the most benign of the stories, which ranged from the articulate to appalling.

On the watchable end was Chloe Grace Moretz, in a sketch directed by actress Elizabeth Banks about a teen who gets her first period on her first date, and then an amusingly incestuous pair of home-schooling parents played by Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber.

On the appalling end was a male animated cat who finds onanistic inspiration in photos of Josh Duhamel in a swimsuit before reaching, ahem, conclusion in his mouth, which caused the couple sitting in front of me to walk out in disgust. Their act of dudgeon was far more entertaining than this film.

To quote the teen leaving the screening in front of me, talking to his girlfriend - "That was awful. It was funny at times but it was just awful."