The Age supports inaugural MIFF Critics Campus program

The Age is proud to support MIFF's Critics Campus, which aims to develop the next generation of writers about film.

The Age has joined the Melbourne International Film Festival as a media partner on the inaugural Critics Campus, run by the festival with the aim of nurturing and helping to develop new talent in the area of film criticism and writing about the cinema.

The inaugural Critics Campus is part of MIFF 2014.
The inaugural Critics Campus is part of MIFF 2014. 

Eight participants were chosen by the festival to take part in mentoring sessions and panels with key Australian industry and media players, as well as producing their own daily coverage. They have been granted access to festival films, publicity materials, guests and networking opportunities throughout the festival.

In return, meals and accommodation are provided, as well as the invaluable experience of producing a range of pieces daily for publication across a variety of outlets, including The Age.

Campus participants are not paid for their participation or output as part of this program, and The Age is co-publishing their work in order to support and encourage the program and its participants.

Along with several select Australian critics, three prominent international critics will also visit the festival to participate in the campus, variously assisting with mentoring, sitting on panels, and as a resource for the participants.

The work of the Critics Campus participants can be viewed here. More details about MIFF's Critics Campus can be found here.