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Adele sets fire to rumours of Brown spat

So what did Adele say to Chris Brown?

After a photograph of the two singers facing off at the Grammy Awards went viral with suggestions of a confrontation, the Brit superstar has taken to Twitter to bat down rumours of a spat between her and Brown.

It turns out instead of it being a dressing down - as it was widely reported to be - it was more along the lines of "I love your work".

According to Adele, rather than rebuking Brown for not giving his fellow nominee Frank Ocean a standing ovation, instead she tweets that she was actually making nice with the controversial singer.

"Chris Brown and I were complimenting each other in that photo actually!" Adele tweeted.

One suspects many fans of Adele, and many fans of her supposed confrontation, will be disappointed with the news.


However all is not lost. For those still seeking a female Grammy hero, they can now set their sights on Jennifer Lopez.

When presenting Adele with the award for best solo performance, JLo reportedly brushed a wannabe prankster out of the way after he rushed the stage to take the microphone.

The Grammys gatecrasher, an Ukrainian journalist named Vitalii Sediuk, has since been arrested for the interference.

One can't help but wonder what would have happened if JLo had confronted Chris Brown instead.