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Coldplay fans are 'dorks' say Newtown band Sticky Fingers

Sydney band Sticky Fingers has teased Coldplay for copying them by shooting the video clip for A Sky Full of Stars along King Street - and called the group's fans "dorks" for filming themselves walking beside lead singer Chris Martin.

"My first reaction when I saw it was I just laughed," says Sticky Fingers' bass player Paddy Cornwall. "I thought it was a shame for the lads from Coldplay because they could have had a killer clip but they ended up with this cheeseball video because their fans are such dorks they don't know how to live in the moment or have real-time fun.

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Coldplay film clip follows in footsteps of Newtown band

Newtown band Sticky fingers don't care that Coldplay's new film clip shot on King Street is just like theirs. But they wish fans had kept their mobiles at home.

"The two clips have really different vibes, we had a bag of laughs but with theirs, the fans were way too eager to show themselves off and prove to their friends they were having a bag of laughs.

"You're already getting a cameo role in your favourite band's video clip but you have to go further and film yourself and everything. It's boring and it's a bit sad."

Last January Sticky Fingers, an emerging blues-rock band with a song in the Hottest 100 (Caress Yourself) and a European tour, shot the clip for their song Australia Street partly dancing north along King Street, Newtown.

"Sticky Fingers' clip is a more authentic version of what Coldplay were going for, and whether it's a rip-off or not, you'd have to ask Chris Martin, but we don't give a f--- either way," Cornwall says.


"We are not bitter, if they did copy ours we are flattered and we are glad to see they got some love for Newtown because it is a cool place."

Cornwall says his band got the idea for a one-take video clip from the movie Goodfellas. "We liked the idea, except Martin Scorsese did his in two weeks ours took us about half an hour.

"Our manager said 'we need a video clip by tomorrow' and we sent our text messages asking our mates to meet us in Camperdown Park for free booze and be in a new Stickies clip."

You can be the judge of which video is best by comparing the two, but you can also decide if the Sydney band's music is better by seeing them play live at the Metro Theatre on October 26 and 27. 


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