Dark Horse: Katy Perry offers to babysit crying baby

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Katy Perry has offered up her babysitting services to the mother of a young girl who stops crying at the sound of the pop star's hit song Dark Horse.

A short clip showing the fussy baby immediately perking up as the tune is played on the car stereo has gone viral after it was posted on YouTube in August. It has now had about 8 million hits.

The baby gets a look of surprise, then starts rocking out with her hands and head, giving dimply grins to (presumably) her parents filming her from the front seat. The clip only lasts just over two minutes.

Perry was so amused by the video she shared a link to the video with her 55 million Twitter followers.

"Available for babysitting at 10 dollars an hour & 4 Oreos (cookies)," Perry joked.

WENN, with Aja Styles